Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm not sure I remember arriving here, at this place in time

It's been a wonderful week of hours at the pool, trips down the water slide, good meals, and a nourishing visit with Ma'Mai and Pops. BOY & GIRL have tumbled into bed exhausted every night. Falling asleep within minutes. Later than they usually go to bed, but the descent into slumber is effortless.

GIRL fell in love with horseback riding. Her smile bigger than the horse. BOY made friends wherever he went, his curiousity and zest for life always taking us to new places.

We visited tide pools at Point Lobos, where craggy cliffs and cypress trees

overlook exquisite kelp gardens.

Then there was the Aquarium in Monterey, truly state of the art.

The sea horses were my favorite. BOY loved the simulated wave, and GIRL the sea otters.

Summer is ending, and part of me wants to hold on to it. My little GIRL will be 5 in two weeks. And my BOY starts Kindergarten on Thursday. I'm not sure I remember arriving here, at this place in time. Yet, I am here. And, blessed for it...

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  1. you deserve all of your blessings

  2. Beautiful memories. Beautiful photographs.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

    You are truly blessed.

  4. What a wonderful way to wrap up the summer.

  5. Beautiful! It looks like you had a lovely vacation.

  6. Gorgeous! The best meal i ever had was in Monterey.


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