Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Putting Pen to Paper: the Right Brain vs. the Left Brain

CREEEAAKK... It is like opening up a rusty treasure box. This delicate balance of writing here and there. Here the words trip over themselves when the box is, at last, opened. As if they can no longer be contained...

There, in the other world of starting a business, an enterprise where the writing is from the left brain, I must think cleanly and clearly. Precise and concise in my business prose.

Here, when I can quiet the many self-admonishes of things left undone, is the box now grown rusted and life worn. Yet, once the lock and hinges are oiled, there is always an abundance inside.

Putting Pen to Paper: the Right Brain vs. the Left Brain. Writing for my massage business web site. Leftt brain. Writing here, when the writing is juicy, is right brain exuberance. The infusion of both, perhaps ...crazy making.

And where is the woman with the fishnets? The sassy one. Yes, that one. She beckons me. I see her, yet I can't quite hear her. Her mouth opens and shuts, the silence unnerving.

The right brain dictates today. A trail hard to follow in its meandering path. Yet, I long for the freedom of letting the words flow, with me sailing on its back...

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  1. Business writing is much more rigid, isn't it? I used to write (extremely boring) manuals in another life. Not fun, but even in that format you can still just let the words flow, even if they aren't the same words you would choose to put down on paper.

  2. You and me both sister.

    (The lady in fishnet stockings imagery? Perfect.)

  3. I'm so enjoying your blog!

    Grad school nearly killed my ability to 'left brain' write - especially when I learned that I would plagerizing myself by repeating a great phrase or idea I had come up with in more than one paper. An offense worthy of expulsion. The university owns all intellectual property rights.
    That slammed the lid shut on my box of abundance. But I've opened it since.
    My great grandfather used to write a regular column called "Here and There" about life in the between...

    And "where is the sassy one you can't quit hear?" That's my question! For me she's been shrinking. The book Silk Road talks some about women 'whispering' not having being able to give full voice...


  4. oh the business writing just kills me. can't do it. although i think i end up accessing that side of my brain plenty often....

  5. Not to nitpick, but the right side is the more creative side, not the left. There you go - I've solved all your problems! I know what you mean, though. I haven't been writing creatively much - just documenting Dylan stuff. We'll return to it when we need to, I'm sure. This work you are doing is important for your soul as well!

  6. I always confuse which side is which! Good luck with your new business. How are you guys doing up there with the fires??

  7. Thanks, Jen. I changed it. ;) See! That's how confused I am. Heh.

  8. Oh, I think you'll do all right.

    Sure, the creative writing is more fun, but you're a woman with a good brain no matter what side she is using to think with at a given time.


  9. maybe if you put the rock in a pair of fishnets?

  10. How are you, Jen? Are you still in your house? I've been thinking of you - not knowing exactly where you are, but knowing that the evacuations have been close by.

  11. Not so creaky...whereas my grey cells are definitely flabby!

  12. It is very different to right for purpose rather than pleasure. At least you're great at both types.

  13. Kudos to you, JCK, for doing what you are doing! My brain is having trouble coming up with anything at all these days, juicy or otherwise!


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