Monday, August 31, 2009

Both yesterday & today we've awakened to the stench of smoke

This is a photo from yesterday, taken from our house. It has been a crazy few days. We are fine. The La Canada Station Fire has taken over our lives. Both yesterday and today we've awakened to the stench of smoke. It is really bad this morning. My eyes are burning and I am sitting here inside my own house.

The fire is no closer to us, but depending on the shift of the wind, the smoke can overwhelm. And then it blows somewhere else, to engulf and surround another neighborhood. The frequency of helicopters and low flying planes is such, that I'm not noticing the sounds anymore.

On Saturday, the air was fairly clear here, so we could go up a mile and take the pictures below.

(Note: this is not my home, but on the mandatory evacuation line.)

We stood on the evacuation line with other people from our town, united in concern and awe, watching the incredible battle going on in our hills. The huge DC10 plane

did flyovers, dumping the flame retardant... while we stood, clustered and mostly silent.

The police have been very patient with those of us needing to watch what is going on from the evacuation lines.
I've had plans for weeks to leave today to go up north to my mother's. I'm leaving with the kids today, and will be checking in with E. Our home is safe, but so many others are not...

Please continue to pray for all the Southern Californians, who have now lost their homes since last night. And for the amazing firefighters who continue to work around the clock fighting a fire that is out of control.

Added note: The fire double in size last night. Almost 86,000 acres now.

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  1. So good to hear your family and your home are safe. It's a good idea to take the kids up north - get away from the smoke. Even in Topanga, where we are, the smoke is bad.

    Fire season always keeps us tense and on edge for something like this. And now I hear two firefighters have been killed.

    Be safe. Best to you, E. and the kids.

  2. Glad you're safe. Scary. We're thinking of you all.

  3. I am watching from the Inland Empire, always on alert, my heart goes out to you. Now in out back yard, although not to close, near Oak Glean our wonderful apple orchards is a huge fire. I am sure you have seen that. How we don't want it to march up the mountain of Big Bear again!
    You go and be safe. As you know out firefighters are the very best!!!
    Hopefully the weather will give us a much needed break.

  4. Thanks for posting what it's like in your neighborhood watching and breathing the action. Glad you are safe and glad you are leaving for awhile. I'm praying for those in harm's way.

  5. I feel so bad for all of those people! I am glad you are not in harms way!

  6. Whoah. So close (and yet, far enough away, thankfully). Those clouds of smoke are really scary looking. Like mean thunderheads. To those in the line of fire, I am sending well wishes your way.

  7. glad you are safe. hope you have a wonderful trip, we'll be praying for your neighbors....

  8. I am so thankful you are safe, and I will be praying for you all.

    Take care.

  9. Thinking of you and hope the fire stays away and that maybe that hurricane skirting Cabo sends some much needed rain your way.

  10. That is scary, but I am glad you are OK. I know Southern California is beautiful, but sometimes I wonder what makes people want to deal with all the wildfires and mudslides and earthquakes.

  11. Those pictures are amazing. Thinking of you all.


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