Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now, I am listening for the sound of Fairy Wings...

Dearest GIRL,

I have shared in your excitement over the last two days. Yesterday, when I picked you up from your friend's house, and you rushed at me, face tilted up to mine, eyes sparkling like jewels. You could barely contain your news. The world was different, now. A loose tooth! Your little finger maneuvered the tiny tooth, and I could see it, wobbly in your small mouth. How proud you were, of this unexpected event. And, I too gasped in wonder.

Then today, as we blew each other silly kisses, your fingers tapped your mouth, and ...the sweet, teeny tiny baby tooth popped out! You placed it in a small plastic bag, and kept it in the pocket of your dress for the rest of the day. Occasionally you would take it out, and we would look at it. Again. Yet, it is your lovely mouth that I am drawn to, the almost rectangular gap that appears in your lower jaw. As if a window looking out, ahead, at who you will grow into...

Ever so carefully you placed it atop a Kleenex on your bed, in anticipation of the Tooth Fairy. Then, as you picked up your pillow, a breeze slipped underneath the Kleenex and flipped the tooth right off the bed. I don't remember the last time my heart fell so hard. We managed to find a flashlight, and found a few small white things under the bed. But, no tooth... Both of us moaning, near tears at this point, yet I was determined to find your tooth. It was not until I looked up from the floor that I noticed the precious treasure lodged between the sheet and the headboard. I pushed my finger up under the sheet, you grasping the tooth tight in your hand. Saved! PWHEW....

So, once again you placed it on your bed, the Kleenex banished. The tooth so white against your red sheet. You put the pillow down, slowly!, and eased your beautiful head upon it. Eager to move into slumber, and dream of a Fairy who collects teeth. After kisses and hugs, and lullabies, we said goodnight. Soon you were sound asleep.

Now, I am listening for the sound of Fairy Wings... I love you, my darling GIRL. You are so precious to me. And I feel blessed that I was there for the loss of your first tooth. I am still blowing you kisses...



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  1. The Tooth Fairy has a very important job. I'm sure she'll do it beautifully.

  2. This is so beautiful, and has me soo feeling like Bad Mommy. We now pay the older kids to subcontract for the tooth fairy -- after a half dozen heartbreaking no-shows by the Lady herself (becaue we were, y'know, too sleepy to wait up and let her in through the window).

  3. Out of all the children's magic, this one is the magic-est. I mean, kids look forward to losing their teeth!

  4. How perfectly sweet! I really, really love this, and it made me teary eyed at the beauty of such a special moment.

  5. Sappy smile right here!

    HRH lost his first tooth last week. I convinced him to go with the tooth in an envelope - for just such a reason. Now we've got two more wigglers. And Gremlin eagerly trying to loosen his own.

  6. I'm so glad Girl has you looking over her and blowing her kisses in her sleep. All children should be so loved.

  7. She will treasure your writing, J. My six year old has the same tooth loose as we speak. But it's being stubborn.

    ... I'm wondering whether I should make a batch of taffy apples this weekend.

    It's hard to be patient with something this big in my child's life.

    flutter flutter,
    Julia at Midwest Moms

  8. Congratulations GIRL! I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will bring.

  9. oh... that first tooth. so bittersweet.

    MQ just lost #5 last night.

  10. Hope she finds a treasure beneath her pillow!

  11. My boys don't know about the story of the tooth fairy....and I can't wait for my elder one to have his first tooth drop-out moment....


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