Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TWITTER could come in OH, SOO...handy right about now

Apparently the whole point of having a blog is to...well, BLOG. Ahem...

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when one gets up at 5am more mornings than not, and still feels behind at the end of every day.

I picked up the keys to my massage office yesterday. Can I hear a WHOOO HOOO!!??

I've started seeing clients. I am LOVING doing massage again. Especially the energy work.

There is a blog post coming about my feminist leanings and self-esteem/power when a woman earns money...

My daughter likes to announce my age in public. She can't help it if she's proud.

Indeed, I've been living on too much caffeine and far too little whiskey and chocolate. Can't remember the last time I had either... I'm truly losing the focus of my priorities.

It has suddenly occurred to me that my earlier disdaining of joining TWITTER was a bit shortsighted. TWITTER could come in OH, SOO...handy right about now. (See loose fingered sentence structure above, under 140 characters.)


Yes, the TWITTER Literati...Intelligentsia could SO be mocking me. I who scoffed at Tweeting Twitterers would be well served to just....shut up already and just...TWEET.

But, it wouldn't be enough for this large beak...

Photo Disclosure: It is to be noted that a duster in mouth does not connote actual dusting. Nor do fishnets indicate a household of Le Frisky. The blank look in the eyes? Perhaps...accurate.

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  1. Whoo Hoo!

    Go, girl! We're all behind you!

  2. You look very attractive in your fishnets & duster in mouth. Really.
    Good luck with the massaging. In this economy I have to imagine more people need to destress.

  3. I second the Whoo Hoo!

    I've heard a rumor that little kids will dust for you if you hide quarters around the house--to be found only if you do a good job.

  4. I'm so glad you are back in business. Congrats! And the duster...I hold one all the time just to feel like I'm really doing something. I'm not...but you know, I want to feel like I am.

  5. congrats, honey. I know you are going to be amazing

  6. sounds like you are busy but happy. the craziness will subside... hopefully the happiness will grow

  7. Hooray!!!!
    "Large Beak?" *huge laugh*

  8. A big whoo whoo to you!!!! Very cool.

    The Queen described the Mountain Man this way - he's tall and has grey hair. Not that he has a ponytail, or a beard, or glasses. She focused on the grey hair.

    My poor blog has been neglected as well. I actually posted 3 times in July. A record!!

  9. I am so very excited for you for your next adventure. And twitter or not, I can't wait to hear how it develops.

  10. Oh, please, NO! Don't start twittering!
    I recently made the mistake of joining Facebook. Wow, was that a bad move, for so many reasons.

    Glad the new adventure is going well!

  11. it's never to late to start twittering. it's not at all addictive. i didn't freak out at all this morning when the site was down for hours. not at all. not even a little.

    congrats on the new business. so happy for you.


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