Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm plumb out of the need for caffeine, and too tired to pour myself a whiskey

Today was one of those days when I was continuously swimming upstream. One of those days... Nothing appeared to go right, despite managing to get up at 5am and working diligently on my new business - the web site and the marketing end. It was a loooong day. A day I'm ready to put to rest.

I did manage to get the kids to the library, and out for a late night swim. Both seemed a good idea at the time. The venture to the library was fine, but the late night swim? Not SO much...

The swim itself was fun. GIRL has made amazing progress on her strokes and side breathing. BOY, never one for attention to detail unless it involves building, is still working on staying on top of the water. All he wants to do is swim under the water. Each has their own time table...

Afterwards we showered and assembled - the kids in pajamas, and myself in a skirt and shirt...I remembered my bra, but this time forgot my underwear! Lovely. So... we were walking out and GIRL and I had an argument over towels and tokens, which soon escalated into full out warfare. It was not a short war. It went several rounds, lasting a good 20 minutes of TANTRUM - hers, not mine. To say I was seething doesn't even begin to cover it. Tantrums in public places. Not an experience I wish on anyone, but we all get it ...sometime. The only thing I was grateful for was that my skirt was not yanked down in the parking lot. A paler moon you would not want to see...

Now I find myself flat out exhausted and devoid of any desire to write what I had set out to write today. My heart is just not in it. So, I'm going to grab some little crunchy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and snuggle up to them tonight. I'm plumb out of the need for caffeine, and too tired to pour myself a whiskey.'s the new brown.


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  1. I'm sorry. The public tantrum is the worst (or at least up there). You feel like everyone is looking, even if their looks say "thank God it's not me this time".

  2. Yes, everyone has to endure the public tantrums at some point. I have realized that all the other parents in the vicinity aren't thinking "what is wrong with that kid?". They are thinking, "Thank God my kid isn't the only one who acts like that". And the childless people? Well, who cares what they're thinking.

  3. Full-out warfare. I have so been there, done that.

    I hope sleep makes it all better.

  4. I SO love your post titles.

    My Motto for the day...
    "'s not just for breakfast, anymore"

    Hope all goes well today, EJT

  5. Some days are just so hard, the only thing that helps is a cookie. Hope today is treating you better . . .

  6. I'm running low on optimism but chocolate is never a bad option.

    Take care.


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