Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perhaps more Hollywood Producers should try the view from a minivan car seat

What was 5 year old BOY's reaction to viewing the recent billboards for the movie Surrogates?

What THE heck?!

Exactly, BOY. Exactly...

Oh, then to be fair, there is the...male version.

I don't see him bent over, do you? I haven't seen these billboards. I'm thinking they must be promoting them in W. Hollywood, so that they can barrage us with the family friendly female versions here.

Helloooo, Mr. Willis??!! Perhaps more Hollywood producers should try the view from a minivan car seat. Come on big boys, I've got room in the back. But, I may not unbuckle you when we get there...


Photos courtesy of Google Images.

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  1. That's pretty creepy no matter what your age.

  2. The billboards and print ads are all I've seen. I haven't been given a single clue what this foolishness is about. While watching a few minutes of Bladerunner on TV the other day, though, I was reminded of these.

  3. Not going to see that movie. No way. No how.

    What the heck.

  4. They are all over Pasadena, and thankfully the kids have not asked about them.....but I do find them a bit offensive!! And, we would never see this film...much like we would never buy a Bratz Doll and the like!

  5. crazy.

    outside of CA, of course, you don't see billboards for TV and movies. it's so... Hollywood. ;)

  6. I love living in a billboard free zone. Those are icky.

  7. This is just disturbing. Yucky. (Sort of like Bruce Willis himself, actually.)

  8. I don't mind the part of the image that's disturbing because of the machinery (I mean, that's the poiint, right?) - but I do dislike the way it objectifies the women's bodies sexually so much more than the mens'.

    OTOH - at least the women aren't showing their navels and tattoo'd ass-cracks!

  9. I have to tell you I've been annoyed by these ads since they first appeared-and my kids are old growed up enough to go to these kinds of movies on their own. Ew, is all I can say--


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