Friday, August 28, 2009

It took a while to bring BOY down from his mini-testosterone high

We've been very distracted by the fires here in S. California. Since last night, we've been watching fire & flames on the nearby mountains. This morning we awakened to smoke in the house. Fine pieces of ash are floating through the air. Another day of indoors...and quiet activities. Try telling this to two little children who have been with each other all summer long...

The photo above is what it looks like in the hills just west of us. We are OK, being a few miles downhill, but this is the closest fire we've had in the 9 years we've lived in this lovely small town. The La Canada Station fire has spread into the western border of our town. We have many friends who are on high alert/voluntary evacuation. The containment is negligible at this point. Helicopters are constantly flying overhead dropping water and flame retardant solution in the hills 2-3 miles from here.

Last night, when it was time for the kids to get in their PJs, BOY started madly pulling out clothes from his dresser. Then he began throwing on his long pants and sweatshirt. He was READY for ACTION.

I'm going to FIGHT the fire with the Firefighters!

It took a while to bring BOY down from his mini-testosterone high. But, I was smiling and feeling like a proud mama... His heart...oh, it is SO big.


Please send good thoughts and prayers to all the amazing firefighters battling the fires in S. California. And to the people who are at risk for losing their homes.

Photo courtesy of CBS News.

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  1. BOY must've received His big heart from MAMA.

    Stay safe, sane, & alert with fire nearby.

  2. Will definitely send good thoughts your way; very scary for those in the line of those flames. I've been watching the reports on TV.

    Your son wants to help; heart of gold.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are safe. It's wonderful that your boy thinks about helping out rather than being afriad.

  4. I've been thinking about you guys. I hope you are still out of the line of the fire.

  5. If wishes were fire hoses, you know he'd put them out. Stay safe, Motherscibe family and neighbors.

  6. How fabulously brave of him!

    *blessings to all of you down there

  7. Oh, how I know exactly what you're going through.

    I hope they get control of it soon and the wind keeps it away from you.

  8. One of the prices we pay for living in this wonderful spot of the world! The smoke from this fire made its way over the hills into our valley and settled in for a couple of yucky days.

    Everyone gets a turn when fire is concerned!

  9. the fires are scary. I saw some much closer than I wanted to driving across the grapevine once... on the way south do drop a friend at the airport the grapevine was open... on the way home I had to the 14 to the valley. that's how close.


    stay safe.

  10. oh, be so careful! and prayers to those who are in harm's way!

  11. love that boy. hope you are all ok. take care.


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