Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Apparently I say this. This...this... Buh-Bye, thing.

Every time I hang up on the telephone. I hear this...

Mommy, you said it... again.

I did?

Yes! It is bye-bye. Not Buh-Bye!

And so it goes... It appears that I cannot break this habit of Le Buh-Bye.

And then there was the recent discussion of the weight limit on the bunk beds in Boy's & Girl's room.

GIRL: We can go on the top bunk. But, Mommy is over the weight limit for the top bunk.

BOY is reading. Everywhere. Anything. It is very exciting. Yesterday, we were backing out of a parking lot and he suddenly said...

B**** S****!

BOY, that is a BAD WORD!

Mommy, I was just reading that license plate.

JCK: What!?

BOY: That license plate. Over there.

JCK: Oh...BOB SMITH. I thought you said something else...

GIRL: What, Mommy!? WHAT did you think BOY said? What was the BAD WORD?

JCK: Never mind....

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  1. Oh, that happens to me, too... I mistakenly hear the F-bomb everywhere.

  2. Those are all great! Funny, how early we start criticizing our parents, huh?! I remember I used to check every morning to make sure my dad's socks matched his outfit. I was probably 7! Now, I really, really try not to complain about how he and my mom say "warsh their clothes". "WARSH?!" They are both educated people! Why do they put an R in wash?! Drives. me. crazy.

  3. Mommy is over the weight limit for the top bunk. That is too funny. I love small kid chatter. There are some conversations only mommies are privvy too. Wait, mommies and teachers, like vodka mom, who certainly lets us in on some doozies.

  4. *laugh*
    Oh yes, we often have to pay attention to what we say and what we do to avoid being corrected by our little ones and of cos', more importantly to set a good example.

    I'm surprised that Girl didn't bug you further... to give the answer...

  5. Don't you just love having the kids around to keep you in line... and humble?

  6. yes, the reading thing makes me a little nervous sometimes, too

  7. Oh, dear!! Nothing quite as humbling as a candid observation from a child! You've got your sense of humor back....!

  8. My sign off is "talk to you soon." Which doesn't really work so well for telemarketers and the like.

  9. LOL I say buh bye sometimes too. LOL too many nights of watching SNL!

    Love the conversations you posted with your kids!

  10. Oh dear, learning how to read can create some challenges, I suppose. Like if your child points to a T-shirt that says, "S*** happens" and asks what the 'S' word means. That could be entertaining. Hasn't happened to me yet, of course, but it could still be entertaining!


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