Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am away from here

I want to be here in this space. I look at the gaps between my writings. They are large. Life is being lived in-between, yet I crave this space, and the time to write. My teeth are bared, and I ache to grab the time back...

I've been plagued with a ferocious headache for the last two days. Nothing seems to keep it at bay. The pain has transcended my head and burrowed downward into my spine and hips. Hello...fibromyalgia. I don't want you back... And, my sleep was perhaps disturbed upwards of 5 times last night, by both children who called out with bad dreams, or had kicked off covers. Then there was... the cat, and, of course, my own mind blazing away at 2am. No rest for the weary. Indeed...

I am away from here. And, I miss it.

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  1. We miss you, too! Boo, headache. Get away from my girl.

  2. Take Several Deep Breaths as and when...and more warm water... it helps... *wink*
    Get Well Soon, my friend...

  3. I was just telling my husband yesterday, "There are so many posts that go unwritten!" I just can't keep up, and there are other things that need to be done. Hope that headache goes away and you get some sleep tonight.

  4. Miss you too, and am right there with you of late.


  5. We miss you too and are thinking of you but we will be here when you get back. Feel better.

  6. I am in a similar place lately -- minus the cat.

    It happens to us all.

    We will be here to read when you return. In the meantime, be sure to care for yourself as well as you are caring for others.

    - Julia

  7. We miss you too.

    When you cannot sleep the world just seems to fall apart. I hope you get the rest you need tonight.

  8. I know how you feel. Is there something in the air? I am feeling stalled too.

    Get some rest, and do something nice for yourself.

  9. I've thought about taking an actual hiatus, I'm so blocked lately. Hope you're doing better.

    Miss you!

  10. Writing with a fresh perspective and with the adequate amount of time when all our other priorities are in line - THEN comes the BEST writings.

    Look closely, JCK, maybe there is something around you that needs close attention causing your blog to be second fiddle. Or maybe, the most awesome material is on its way.


  11. I hope you are feeling better now. It's so hard to do it all.


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