Saturday, November 28, 2009

The bibs are gone...

I threw out the bibs today. The one with the fat ladybugs, the fire engine red cloth one that brought out the blush in Boy's little chubby cheeks, the starfish... all gone to the deep memories of when my children were babies. I couldn't part with the retro cowgirls bib. It was barely used. I'll put that one away. Boy wore bibs for about the first 9 months? He was a constant drooler and we had to do mop patrol. Girl never liked bibs much during meal time. My babies...such a whirlwind having 2 children in a year. Much of it a blur. Yet, as my fingertips let the bibs go I felt that familiar rush of tears. And the memories of their sweet round faces above the bibs will stay with me forever.

JCK is on reruns. She'll be back soon.

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  1. I can hardly imagine having two in one year.

    Such a bittersweet post...but mostly sweet.

  2. Had my hands on a bib just yesterday. Found it in the kitchen linens drawer. I looked at it, considered giving it to the neighbors who just had their first baby boy, but put it back. Not a very sentimental bib but I like the idea of seeing it every now and again.

    Sweet post, JCK! Thanks for the smiles.

  3. The evidence that they were once the helpless little babies is best out of sight, cos we know they will never be out of our memories eh? *wink*

  4. i remember that. and the sipppy cups. and the tiny little spoons. and the onesies.....


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