Thursday, November 19, 2009

GIRL asks big questions

GIRL: Mama, what's THE most important thing in life?

JCK: Oh, GIRL.... let's see. I'll tell you the first thing that comes to mind. Kindness, GIRL. Kindness is the most important thing.

This after her question last week...Mommy, when is the end of life?

What would your answer be? To either question.

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  1. Those would be two answers that everybody has to figure out on their own.

    Mine are Star Trek and 2:36 pm.

  2. Wow! Both questions are probably best answered at the same time...after life. Isn't that what we are all trying to figure out? At least I am. (Love might have been my answer)

    *Star Trek! Love it!* I change my answer!

  3. Wow, those are tough. A little boy once asked me "Why are some people so mean?" That one was especially hard because I knew he was talking about his dad.

  4. Answers may vary--and I read it as the most important thing in MY life at first. Interesting. In that case I would have said it would be my kids living good lives.

    I think you have a great answer. As I contemplate it I would think it is not putting your needs above others--which is a lot like what you're saying.

  5. A consistent loving character. And life never ends, it just changes form. :)

  6. the questions keep getting tougher, don't they?

    mine once asked, persistently, when the LAST day would be here. When will ALL the days end, he would ask.

    we don't even go to church...I have no idea where that one came from!

  7. just wait. in a few years they will emphatically give you their opinions on these subjects and you will either have to stop yourself from laughing out loud, stop yourself from showing total fear --or both....

  8. If there were a one word/ sentence answer then it would be too simple. It's so much more wonderfully complex. Welcome to life, GIRL! You are really LIVING!

  9. I agree with kindness. The end of life? Never, as long as we leave loving memories.


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