Sunday, November 22, 2009

It is the year of GIRL's blossoming

It was GIRL's night, Thursday night. A scrumptious delight of my little girl in ballet costume, hair in "ballet bun," and bright smile. She had her first recital, an evening performance, and she loved it! My little girl in a pink swirly dress, dancing in The Little Nutcracker. Perhaps best of all was sitting up front with BOY, as he watched his sister, calling out to her as she was exiting the stage....


And, she frowning, and then chopping her hand down through the air, as if to say...HUSH, BOY, THIS IS SERIOUS. I'm on stage!

It is the year of GIRL's blossoming. I see it at school. At home. In all aspects of her life. It is precious. And, I feel blessed that she has this year before Kindergarten. One more year of lunching regularly together. I sense the time going by, and am holding on to the moments as best I can....

"At Play" sculpture from The Sculpture Gallery.

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  1. Oh man, there is just something about a ballet recital that is too adorable for words! How precious to watch your daughter blossom. I've enjoyed "observing" from afar.

  2. such a wonderful thing to see. i know you will relish and enjoy every moment.


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