Friday, November 6, 2009

A little candy fairy tale...

Once upon a time, on Halloween Night, there was a small BOY, dressed as a Rescue Ranger from the Grand Canyon, and a small GIRL, dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Both were cuter than cutest.

They were very excited about getting....candy. This BOY and this GIRL gathered much candy over a 2 block radius. Their parents were both proud, and... horrified. What was a parent to do? With all that...candy.

It was then that they found out about the candy fairy. Indeed. The candy fairy is a very special fairy. She takes the extra candy and brings it to sick children in the hospital, who can't get out to trick-or-treat themselves. This idea filled the parents with warm & fuzzy thoughts. And...the candy fairy leaves behind a present. This idea filled the children with warm & fuzzy thoughts.

So, this small BOY and small GIRL, picked out their allowed 5 pieces for that night. And, after saving 2 pieces each for the next night, they left out all the rest of the candy on the front porch for the candy fairy.

Then the small BOY and small GIRL slipped into a sugar coma and slept until morning. Their mommy and daddy...also ate candy and slipped into a sugar coma until morning.

It so happened that the time LEAPED back that evening. And the children's parents could have danced a jig, because they would get an extra hour of rest...

Alas, it was not to be.
The small BOY arose at 5:30AM!! As if were Christmas morning! The BOY dashed madly to the front door, and threw back the bolts to open the door and discover....a small toy for both a small GIRL and a small BOY. And perhaps 2 small candies. All was good with the world.

Until....the small BOY & small GIRL shrieked with joy into...the tender ears of their sleeping parents. Indeed. All WAS AWAKE in the world.

The End

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  1. That is one fabulous idea! Just think of how many hospitalized children we could have thrilled with our standard laundry baskets full of candy all those years! I hope you start a nationwide trend with this post. And somehow, sometime soon, get back that precious extra hour of rest.

  2. This is a most excellent fairy tale! And I like the idea of trading candy in for a little non-cavity forming present!

  3. Great idea! Reminded me of the "pacifier fairy" episode of Super Nanny. I read another idea somewhere - you get your kids to trade in candy for fun outings.

  4. Much smarter than me: I bought back all the candy I could. They still have some (reserved for weekends), but it cost me a fortune.

  5. My neighbors call theirs the halloween witch. Good witch, I suppose. Fairy goes down so much nicer.

  6. I love your idea. Though we have always just allowed our kids to stuff their faces with it--they were either done with it or sick of it on day 3.

  7. My friend has "The Switch Witch", who substitutes candy for toys.

    Me? I send most of it into Andy's office (and stuff my face). Clearly I need to work on my plan.

  8. What a great idea!!! All this time I've always felt obligated to eat it myself so my kids don't eat it all.

  9. The word coma has always leave me with a negative feeling... but a sugar coma?!! I would love to have that!!!!

  10. Excellent idea! I wish I had thought of it when the kids were younger and likely to buy into such a thing. I'd never get away with that now!


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