Monday, January 11, 2010

...and she is obviously a NO GOOD, hypocritical, obviously TWITTER troubled, gal

JCK has an admission to make. She has succc....succcc....succumbed to the lure of TWITTER. Why? What was the groundbreaking moment that sent her over to the other side? JCK cannot fathom that IT moment. JCK cannot fathom much. JCK is suffering from some sickness, most probably picked up at one of her children's schools, or from TWITTER itself. JCK would be rageful, or at the very least annoyed by this, but at the moment, JCK is feeling too weak to do much of anything. Except TWEET and moan. TWEET and moan. Perhaps you'd like to come find her? At the very least you could hate her because she is on TWITTER, and she is obviously a NO GOOD, hypocritical, obviously TWITTER troubled, gal. Or, maybe say ...never, say never. And, leave it at that.

JCK is wondering just what it IS about good intentions, checklists, having an opening in one's schedule, (free time???), that brings about the perfect recipe for getting a virus. JCK is suffering from a stomach ailment that appears to be affecting her cognitive skills, as well. Hence, her decision, earlier this morning,  to begin rearranging the layout of her right hand sidebar. Unfortunately, in the rearranging shuffle, JCK inadvertantly deleted her advertising. JCK is one smooth operator. JCK is currently in bed. But, before you get too excited, do know that the only sexy thing in site is her...sometime paramour, her red hot lap top. *sigh*

So, between bouts of running to the LOO and picking up/dropping off children at school, JCK is engaged in lying/sitting abed. Until moments ago, JCK was thinking clearly, but at this juncture...that remains debatable. And so, until further notice, JCK is over and out....

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  1. Oh, lord. I'm still resisting Twitter. I kind of like the idea -- I mean, I'm into pithy. But another item for my to-do list?

  2. Oh I'm so sorry - stomach ailments are the worst. Hope you're better soon. I'm ignoring the Twitter thing because it's only a matter of time before I go over the edge.

  3. What Jenn said! I gave in to FB and while I don't spend gobs of time on it, I feel it has taken some of my blog mojo.

    Whatever you do, don't become a twitterer/ex blogger! Blogging is so much more meaningful, in my humble opinion.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Jen is disappointed in JCK. Jen would say more, but feels it is best not to kick someone when they are down and out, or sick in bed as the case may be. ; )

  5. I've got a twitter page but I almost never visit it. Can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Given my stack of untended clutter piles, my way-behind-in-taxes, mounds of laundry, and aching body due to neglected yoga, "bad thing" is winning. But when sick in bed? Twitter could be berry berry good.

    Feel better, JCK!!

  6. livi lou LOVES twitter and is distracted by it to the point of neglecting housework, children, dogs, men... wait, she was never into paying attention to those things anyway. but, @madnessisay lurves some twitter.


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