Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GIRL's Inspiration

Today was one of those unbelievable California days. Where the wide blue, cloudless sky meets the verdant green mountains, and the warm sunshine drapes you in goodness.

A friend and I took the children to a local canyon, a couple of miles from here, and hiked a bit down to the river bed. BOY & his friend played for hours in the mud and water, building dams, floating boats, catching worms...and doing what they love best - being in nature.

My friend and I took pleasure in sitting on the warm rocks and watching our children. The two girls played in and around the water. While the younger girl concentrated on filling up her shoes with river silt, GIRL took handfuls and rubbed them on her shirt with glee.

After we had been there a while, I said to GIRL that I wondered what time it was. She asked why we couldn't make a sundial to tell the time. So, I took a straight stick, held it over a flat rock, and guessed that it was somewhere near 1pm. I showed her where the line fell, and where it would be for 3pm and 6pm. A few minutes later, I asked BOY's friend what time it was. And it was 1:17pm! I was impressed with GIRL's inspiration. I am continually struck with how much I learn from my children.

Before we left, I couldn't resist a little sassy wiggly bottom dance mid-way across the stream in my new hiking/river sandals.... MRAWR.... OOH, baby.
They may not pair with fishnets, but they feel divine...

Images courtesy of Google Images. Sandal by Keen.

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  1. These are things we need to do more often--take advantage of the paradise in which we live!

  2. What a great day! And I agree that you should wear your fishnets with these.

  3. you could rock these with your fishnets

  4. What a bright girl!! And those sandals look very practical.

    Yes, it was gorgeous yesterday, wasn't it? I got home a little after 6 and it was still fantastic - great walk with the dog through the oak trees.

  5. Love the shoes!! And, a great day in the sun.

  6. oooh, I want shoes like that.

    Nice job on the sundial, too! Impressive!


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