Thursday, April 1, 2010

What if it was really windy and you threw olive oil at God?

Yesterday was one for the books. Measured out in those sentences that you just couldn't make up. MY children. In their own words...

A conversation overheard...

GIRL: Did you go to work last night, BOY?

BOY: Yes.

GIRL: Are you going to work on Friday?

BOY: I can't. I have astronaut practice.


GIRL got a ride home from preschool, with a friend, who had the following conversation, while passing a McDonald's....

GIRL: Why is that AMBULANCE in front of McDonald's?

The Mom: Well, maybe the ambulance driver is eating inside.

GIRL: OR....maybe, SOMEONE had TOO MUCH junk food!


And then the day finished off with this...

BOY: Mom... What if it was really windy and you threw olive oil at God?

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  1. I'm so glad you're writing these down. Priceless!

  2. I'd say BOY asked a really good question....what would happen if you threw olive oil at God?

    Aren't the minds of children wonderful?

  3. And would it be different if it wasn't windy? Or if it was Grapeseed oil instead of olive oil?

    So many variations to contemplate.

  4. Angels! You need to frame Boy's quote about God.

  5. kids are so funny! and so serious sometimes. the astronaut practice conversation reminds me of leading a group of children in introducing ourselves. we got to one boy and with all seriousness he introduced himself as Spiderman. Next. It took all my mental capacities to not crack up. bless 'em!


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