Thursday, April 8, 2010

JCK will never give up chocolate & whiskey for Lent...again

Having given up alcohol for Lent, JCK was cautious in accepting a glistening, salt rimmed margarita on Easter Sunday. Why not? Lent was over. Someone made it for her. It looked refreshing, seemingly weak. She had 2.

Yet, the headache that assaulted JCK the next day was so severe... you'd think she was back in the 80s, having survived another night of tequila shots and dancing on the bar at Wilson's restaurant on the upper west side.

It's not fair this aging business. Not fair, and painful to boot.

To add insult to injury, while valiantly giving up chocolate & whiskey for Lent, JCK inhaled so many carbohydrates that she believes her legs and arms have become their very own risotto.

JCK will never give up chocolate & whiskey for Lent...again. Not if she know what's good for her... Small things like Jack and chocolate caramels make her blood sing.

So, what's next for JCK?

Ushering in JackO'Clock to celebrate Daylight Savings? Yes... But, there's more! JCK's plan includes: Low starch. Moderate chocolate. Minor alcohol. After all, JCK believes in balancing all the food groups...

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  1. Oh, my! What was JCK thinking?

    Blognuts aren't sure about the whole religion thing in general, but prefer to believe that if God is there looking, he/she would not want us to sacrifice something we love on his/her behalf any more than we, as parents, would want our kids to sacrifice something they love on our behalf.

    But, like I said, blognuts aren't sure. :/

  2. Mod.Er.A.Tion.

    Love that whiskey and chocolate, especially the chocolate. Good plan.

  3. Sounds like that first postpartum drink that knocks you on your ass. You are a good Christian indeed to give up two such vital food groups.

  4. I believe you looked pretty darn gorgeous when I saw you a week ago.

    I will take this as a cautionary tale not to drink an entire bottle of Champagne on August 16. Maybe.

  5. I will never give up whiskey and chocolate for Lent again either. Even though I never did.

  6. That's why I advocate an adding a good thing during Lent sorta setup. Which means I'm doing it wrong. But adding more kindness to my daily round is a win/win all the way around, and chocolate/whiskey helps me get there.

    See? I'm doing it all wrong.


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