Saturday, January 8, 2011

A blow dryer gone bad

Yesterday, JCK started her day with the usual jolt - a quick FLASH and BOOM with a lingering tingle up her arm. A blow dryer gone bad. Smokin' bad. Time to shop for a new one.

So it was that JCK found herself in a beauty supply store. Let's call it...Franz's Booty Supply. As JCK entered the store with her two children in tow, she spotted the lady behind the counter.

JCK: Hello, can you please tell me where your blow dryers are?

Smiling Sales lady: Let me show you.

The sales lady led JCK and her children over to a wall where several blow dryers were on display.

Friendly, bouncy Sales lady: Here we have the top of the line model with the latest technology.

JCK checked the price. And proceeded to be flummoxed, bamboozled and downright flabbergasted. The latest technology being...$130.

There was a DEEP pause. Then the sales lady out-of-her mind moved on.

Sales lady who is clearly hallucinating: Then we have this one, also an excellent model.

JCK noted....a mere $79.99.

Sales lady off her ROCKER: Of course, the first one I showed you will last much longer. Mine lasted 12 years. You get what you pay for.

JCK: Sure, lady. I'll just plunk down $130 for a BLOW DRYER. An appliance that I will use to blow dry my locks of pure gold. This blow dryer better give me a BIG OL' full-body thrill along with the blow for $130. Are you friggin' kidding me!? What kind of GANJA ya smokin' babe? I want some. Now.

It is to be noted that JCK wished she had uttered those words. But, in person JCK is a bit of a woos, and said nothing. To be fair, you may remember that JCK was flummoxed, bamboozled and downright flabbergasted.

JCK couldn't get out of there fast enough. Except that her children were test driving all the blow dryers, and preventing JCK from making a speedy exit.

JCK, the big fat liar: I'll come back later...

Self-inflated with the importance of blow dryers, off her rocker, clearly a lunatic Sales lady: Without your children?

JCK weakly: Yes...

JCK: Come on CHILDREN! We must get moving.

JCK told the sales lady that she would be back...when hell freezes over.

This morning JCK dropped into her local pharmacy establishment and found an excellent blow drying appliance. For $24.99.

JCK is taking her $24.99 blow dryer, whippin' up a do, and then splurging on $100 worth of whiskey and chocolate...

You get what you pay for.

Damn tootin'.

Photo courtesy of Super Stock.

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  1. Freaking nuts, $130. My current blow dryer, bought about five years ago, cost me about $18 (on sale). It's purple with little silver glittery sparkles all over it. I wasn't all that thrilled about the purple or the sparkles, but it started a hair accessory trend. My hand mirror, a comb and a brush are all purple.

  2. I trust you don't already possess a $100 straightening iron; now that's an appliance that's worth the money!

  3. The whiskey and chocolate are a far better deal. Wise choice.

    I think my blowdryer cost $9.99.

    But I can't remember because it's so old.

  4. As one of your "from afar" male observers who likes to remain anonymous...although you have few bald friends as bald as me...that was one of the funniest I have read. Coffee out the nose may be my new caffine delivery vehicle.

  5. #1. I would not ever return to any establishment where a sales person even hinted at the fact that I should not bring my children back! Odviously said sales lady has no children!

    #2. I don't know anyone in their right mind who would buy a blow dryer for $130!

  6. Save your money for the $130 hair iron they try to sell you from those mall kiosks, after corraling you onto their stool and styling your hair. Believe me, your teen daughter will try to convince you it's a good investment, because every 14 year-old knows, "you get what you pay for."

  7. you should write a book on money management. ;)

  8. I've been facing the same conundrum with my hunt for a toaster. Do I go with the $24.99 one from Walmart, or the $100 from WIlliams Sonoma? Somehow, I don't think my toast is worth you, I'd rather spend it on vodka!

  9. I had a similar experience when I went to buy a toaster recently! It warms bread, for goodness sakes! Madness.
    When I was working as a nanny (yes, I said WHEN), I was amazed at what those wealthy people would just throw out. Just toss to the curb carelessly on garbage pickup night. My husband and I are contemplating dressing in all black and making a few ninja dumpster diving runs through the neighborhood on garbage night. What do you think? Can you picture it?


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