Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isn't it obvious that JCK is making a Bold Stand for Womenkind?!

Most of the time, JCK is quite OK with her locks of steel. Occasionally, she yearns again for a raven do, or a multi-blended blond look. But, JCK's yearnings are occasional. Didn't she state that in the previous sentence?

However, there are those times that catch JCK unawares. Like when she is asked if she is her own children's grandmother. JCK's ego does not like this. Nor does her vanity. Of which JCK has healthy doses.

JCK's mother likes to point out that in truth JCK could be a grandmother. JCK does not think this is the point, or helpful. In fact this further sends JCK over the edge.... JCK believes everyone has limits. Sometimes mothers push them, no matter how well meaning.

JCK wishes now to change the subject, as she appears in danger of revealing her grim underbelly.

However, and there always seem to be more ...."howevers" in JCK's life. Why God, why?

However, yesterday was an example of situations that boggle JCK's mind and send ripples down her flat derriere. It all started with BOY's swimming lesson.

BOY and JCK are working on a new understanding. If said BOY works hard in his swimming lesson & exits in 15 minutes (having changed from wet suit into street clothes) from the Boys locker room, JCK's BOY earns 30 minutes of computer or TV time. His choice.

BOY is no longer eligible or willing to be in the Girls locker room. He is 7 and classified as an official BOY. So, JCK and GIRL were waiting in the lobby of the Y, chatting and whatnot, waiting for BOY. A woman who can only be identified as Another Mommy suddenly appeared behind JCK and called out: JCK?

JCK: Yes?

Another Mommy: BOY doesn't have any pants.

A multicultural panoply of patrons were quite interested in this disclosure.

JCK: OH! Thank you.

JCK then leapt up and muttering to herself that she thought the pants were in his bag said she would have to run to the car, and could Another Mommy please tell BOY that JCK was going in search of BOY's pants. Another Mommy was quite happy to help on this adventure.

So, JCK rushed to the car and pants. She did find another bathing suit, so clutching this to her heart, she panted back up the flight of stairs and ran into the lobby once more.

JCK wishes to note that GIRL was very patient and good during this process of JCK's workout.

JCK then made her way to the door of the Boys locker room and peered discretely inside. There was BOY awkwardly trying to stretch his shirt over his underwear to maintain his dignity.

JCK: BOY, I couldn't find your pants. I know I put them in your bag.

BOY: They weren't in there, Mom.

JCK: Well, check again. Here's a bathing suit to wear, just in case.

BOY: OK, Mom.....From deep inside the bowels of the Boys locker room....They are NOT HERE, Mom. MY PANTS ARE NOT HERE!

JCK: OK, BOY, just change into the dry bathing suit. What kind of a MOTHER forgets her son's pants.

JCK then joined Another Mommy in the hallway outside the Boys room.

JCK: Thank you SO much for your help!

Another Mommy: It's hard at this age, isn't it?

JCK: Yes! They want to be old enough, and do things themselves, but they always need a bit more help, and we can't go in there to help them. It gets a little...crazy.

Both mommies nodded, acknowledging the mutual understanding of "having a child angst."

Another Mommy: BOY was SO cute earlier. He opened the locker room door and yelled, I DON'T HAVE ANY PANTS! Then he asked if I could find his mommy. What is her name? JCK. What does she look like? She has gray hair.

It was then, at that moment of gray revelation, that Another Mommy put her hand on JCK's arm. As if...she was telling JCK something that would be difficult to hear. As if...she felt empathy for JCK.

Was she feeling sorry for JCK? Is gray hair a blemish on JCK's person? On females at large?!!&*^%$@&*+!!!

Jesus H. Christ, can Another Mommy not SEE? Isn't it obvious that JCK is making a Bold Stand for Womenkind?! Giving other women Friggin' PERMISSION to toss the hair dye and embrace their inner SILVER? What the hell?! OK...JCK can see you nodding grimly and having your AHA! moment. BOY gets the foul language from JCK. Well...perhaps on occasion this is true. However....

JCK then had one of those moments. One of those bad moments when she questioned the hair on her head. When she felt less than, inadequate. Even old and ordinary. Quel HORROR? JCK? Alas, yes...ordinary.

JCK smiled (because she always smiles through the pain) and Another Mommy smiled.

Another Mommy: It's lovely you know, your hair.

And JCK was VINDICATED!! Another Mommy had recognized JCK's bravery. Her Bold, Breathless Risk Taking for Women EVERYWHERE. Her utter disregard for the bottle. Of. Dye.

Later in the car, JCK talked to BOY.

JCK: Remember BOY, if someone asks what your mommy looks like, tell them she has BEAUTIFUL gray hair.

BOY: But, I did. I told her you had gray hair.

For JCK, it's all about the nuances. For BOY? Not so much...


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  1. You are in inspiration. Truly. I'm just starting to go gray and I've decided not to color it. I'm going for it.

  2. You do have lovely hair.

    I've been coloring my hair since I was 20--mostly to add texture, since it's so fine. I don't really even have much gray.

    That's sort of an interesting thing to think about--how your children describe you.

  3. I love gray hair and I love this post! I am so glad you are embracing your inner silver! The fact that I don't have much gray hair makes it easy for me to say this, I know. But my husband is full gray and I love running my hair through it. I find it amazingly sexy.

  4. You go girl! Oh, and I need closure on the pants story...

  5. Oh, JCK. I loved this post so much. You are my heroine. I hope my hair is as beautiful as yours one day.


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