Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sing it Sistahs!, JCK is done

JCK wishes to declare here and NOW that the longest day of the year is not December 21st. Oh, no! The longest, most interminable day of the year is the day before children return to school. JCK swears that she saw the hands on her clock actually move backwards. Yes, she did. 1 day short of 3 weeks of winter break = JCK is done.

She is ready, her children are ready, and her blessed neighbors who have put up with various shrieks, screams and whines are ready, quite ready, for JCK's children to be school side. Amen, JCK is done.

JCK cannot take another Mommy, BOY punched me! or Mommy, GIRL hit me. JCK cannot handle any more WHINING when she asks her children to pick up after themselves. Yes, JCK is done.

JCK is desperately hanging on to the good images...BOY gently leading GIRL by the hand as she balances on her new roller skates. GIRL chanting I LOVE BOY just for the heck of it. These moments melt JCK's nearly frozen heart. But, JCK is done.

Even now as JCK closets herself in her office, her son has interrupted her 8 billion times - for paper, and more paper, how to spell "WANTED" or "BULLETS", to find a rubber band to cinch his SWAT team costume... And, how can JCK say NO to a blond SWAT man at her door who shouts "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!" It is just NOT fair. Oh, JCK is done.

JCK's daughter knows to steer clear of JCK when JCK is in her current state. She, also one of the female sex, realizes the danger of WOMAN/MOMMY GONE MAD#%@*! GIRL remains in the living room creating food out of napkin cut-outs and taping them in her little pots and pans. Because, JCK is done.

Soon...There will be no WANTED GIRL posters written by BOY. Or, YOU BIG MEANIE! shrieked by GIRL. That's IT!, JCK is done.

So, tomorrow JCK will arise around 4am. Smiling. Ever smiling, a smile not unlike Jack Nicholson's in the SHINING. Her children will awake 3 hours later to a warm breakfast. The lunches will be packed and lined up at the door. Perhaps they will hear her singing. She will wrap them in their jackets and deliver them to school. Toodle-oo!, JCK is done.

JCK is a strong woman. Yes, she is! However, her children have tested her mettle unmercilessly today. JCK feels that Jack O'clock may be called in early. She will do a silent toast to the neighbors, and to mothers everywhere...who anxiously watch the clock countdown to....the return of school. Sing it Sistahs!, JCK is done.

Yes, JCK is done. Except... that mucus runneth like a lava flow out of her son's nose. Which could mean...horror of HORRORS that the return to school tomorrow could be postponed.

Oh, GOD! ...........JCK! JCK?!!

Alas, JCK is...DONE.

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  1. So you're NOT counting the days until spring break?!

  2. Nothing... Nothing makes you appreciate teachers more than winter break!

  3. I've accomplished quite a bit this week, but my primary goal? To regain whatever sanity remains after the (happy) chaos that was Christmas. Whew.

    Please say BOY went to school.

  4. It is good to know that even JCK has such sentiments. Because I think JCK is pretty amazing.

  5. Sad to see the holidays end, but not at all sorry to see the backside of that school bus. Happy Back-to-Sanity for you and me!


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