Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the couch with my GIRL

I sit with my GIRL on the couch. Under blankets. Her feet in my lap. Her head is propped up on a pillow. Cheeks flushed, hair mussed and eyes glassy, she is a portrait of influenza. Yet, there is beauty in her above all this. It is in her patience and sportsmanship, fighting a flu battle that lingers.

As I bring her food on a tray, periodically touch her forehead with the back of my hand, and stroke her hair...memories flood my mind. The surprise pregnancy, her birth and journey into our lives. She is special, my GIRL. I treasure her so...

Her head is often filled with big ideas, thoughts and questions. Especially before bed...

Why did they call it World War I and World War II, Mommy?

I don't like war. Everyone should just vote.

Why do the people want the Egyptian President gone?

Big questions for a 6 year old...some easier to answer than others.

We watch the cooking shows together, laughing at the chefs. Absorbing their fun and passion. The two of us Ooooing and Ahhhing over the delectable fare crossing the television screen. Exchanging big eyed glances. Our eyebrows raised over creme anglais with caramel sauce and grilled apples glazed with brown sugar and topped with whipped cream.

I LOVE BEING WITH YOU! she squeals, throwing her arms around my neck, out of the blue.

On Monday, our schedules will resume. She to school. Me, at home. This week will fade away. Yet, nestle somewhere in our hearts...

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  1. There's nothing like a good snuggle with a sicky kid. Especially as these opportunities get less and less frequent. That is a day truly well-spent.

  2. It's hard when they're sick, but there is something so special about taking care of them and just withdrawing from everyday life. It's that way even when they're older.

  3. Dylan is sick today, and I kept him home from school. I don't' enjoy it when he is sick, but the extra snuggles I love!
    What a smart, sweet child your girl is!


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