Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tin Tin and the Terrifying Tootarama

JCK often wonders at the ability of her children to make both her heart and her brain explode simultaneously. Often these little dramas happen when JCK is tired and slightly off her rocker. Which isn't the most reliable chair on the block, if you know what JCK means.

Perhaps life is meant to be this way. One cannot feel the heart, without letting go of the brain a bit.

BOY doesn't travel light. Be it a journey of a couple of miles to school or a 6 hour drive, there are certain items that MUST go with him. What drives JCK absolutely BONKERS is that BOY's MUST HAVE's often conflict with JCK's MUST DO's.

For example, they MUST DO get out of the house, because they are going to be late for the MUST DO school drop off and at the exact moment when JCK has succeeded in getting her son out the door, with his shoes on, and his back pack and his when BOY decides he MUST HAVE his MUST HAVE, which today happened to be his overly large stuffed animal puppy and GIRL's giant hippo.

Because you see, the animals are absolutely necessary or BOY will die of heartbreak. And, JCK has learned that nothing, NOTHING is worth challenging BOY's MUST HAVE's, or the ensuing melt down and period of chaotic anguish will surpass any delay that might occur with stuffing a large puppy & hippo in a minivan.

Such is the life of having a boy with challenges. There is no reasoning with someone who can't deal with reason.

So, as JCK is backing out of the driveway, being mocked by a blue hippo in the back seat, she just has to smile. Especially when her BOY randomly makes things up like: Tin Tin and the Terrifying Tootarama. And, JCK and GIRL and BOY all laugh together, because they might be a bit of a mess, but they are a family and in their world dogs and hippos and farts all reside equally.

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  1. Once again, Boy reminds me so much of DeBoy. And I am madly in love with the giant hippo and he can ride in my car anytime. :)

  2. He reminds me of my boys as well. Although (sit down for this) they are growing out of some of all of that craziness.

    Enjoy it (yes I said enjoy it) while it's there.

  3. Jck, I so love this post it welled me up inside and so precious of you and the family! Love you all! Crist family

  4. Please tell me you've read both "The Spirited Child" and "The Difficult Child." There's no way I could have raised Danger Boy/Man without them and he's turned into quite the lovely young man--who (gah!) turns 18 in two weeks.

  5. Ha! It's only funny because I am also living it. At that point when you are already running late, you'll agree to bring just about anything.
    At one of my old nanny jobs, the 2 girls would come struggling out to the car with their arms loaded full of "must haves" every single day. I had two rules. One, if you bring it to the car, you take it inside. Two, if it stays in my car overnight, it was so nice of you to give it to Dylan.

  6. It's all GOOD. So nice that you're able to put these memories down with photos. These years pass so fast that without a visual reminder it may be tough to really remember all the little stuff that was. I only wish blogging had been in vogue back when my kids were this age. You're creating some wonderful memories that will last forever.


  7. Far be it for me to criticize the must-haves. I think BOY and I share a teeny bit of genetic material.


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