Tuesday, February 1, 2011

parenting style...straight out of Charles Dickens

Apparently, JCK's children have big backpacks. Large backpacks. Very large backpacks. In fact, these backpacks are SO large that they invite conversation. From other parents...

My, THOSE are large backpacks.

Will you LOOK at that BACKPACK. I haven't seen one that LARGE before.

GIRL's backpack is ENORMOUS.

WOW! Those are some BIG backpacks.

JCK wishes the comments would just stop already. OK, they are BIG OL' BACKPACKS. She gets it. You, and YOU, and YOU think they are HUMONGOUS. JCK's poor defenseless children...obviously suffering from back packitis. Can't you hear BOY & GIRL's labored breathing as they pant up the hill?

Extra! Extra! Read all about IT! Step right up and see JCK's parenting style...straight out of Charles Dickens.

A few years ago JCK decided to purchase two back packs from Landward Ho. A reliable retail establishment in which you order things from a catalogue. JCK liked the colors, the fact that she could have her children's names sewn on them, and that they were well made. And, so...she purchased them.

True, they cost double what you'd pay for a back pack at Tarjay, but...they were devoid of television characters and were not made of plastic mesh. No Billy Bob Square Pants or Banana Nevada backpacks for JCK's kids.These considerable backpacks are durable, and in their 4th year.

Are they large? Yes. Are they heavy? Well, yes & no. Depending on the lunch. A ham and mustard sandwich, with pretzels and an apple? Pretty reasonable. A PB & J, applesauce, cup of yogurt, ice pack and a drink? Let's just kick it up a notch!

So, in the end, JCK feels justified. Why? Because the COLOSSAL backpacks are VAST. There is room... to throw in papers, artwork, the random paper airplane, and a jacket. Do BOY & GIRL complain? Nope. Why? Because they like their backpacks. A lot. Especially when mommy carries ... those substantial, jumbo, immense, mammoth, LARGE, BIG OL' friggin' backpacks.

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  1. I like the illustration on the proper carrying of the backpack. The one shoulder strap nation is not paying attention.

  2. my poor sixth grader's BIG back pack gets filled with homework every day. i mean filled. i mean i pick it up and can't figure out how he manages to carry it to and from school. it's craziness.

    i love that your little ones have big back packs to put all that fun stuff (like paper airplanes) into.

  3. Big is good; heavy is bad, but heavy is always the result of crazy-heavy school books, for which a mother must only grieve, not feel responsible.

  4. Don't you just love how OTHER parents always have an opinion? Drives me crazy!!

    That and elderly women!!

    Just be quiet! If it's not used to carry a 6 pack of beer then they should shut up!! LOL!!

    Don't have an opinion where you don't have responsibility!

  5. As long as the backpack is not bigger than the kid!

  6. Absolutely! My boys have the LL Bean backpacks with their initials. Both in year two and barely a sign of wear. If I planned correctly, they'll use them straight through middle school.

    I totally agree with Cafe/Angell. The old ladies always have the strongest opinions - and speak directly to the children.

  7. I knew I was going wrong somewhere. Right! Am off to shops tomorrow to buy destructoBoy a REALLY big backpack.


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