Monday, January 9, 2012


JCK is often moved by the conversations she has with her children. They fill her with hope and awe and perhaps...trepidation.

GIRL: Mommy, you know how YOU and Daddy say "Friggin'?"

JCK: ... I don't think your daddy says "Friggin'"

GIRL: Well, you know how YOU say, "Friggin'?" You should really work on not saying it, because that gives BOY the idea. Then he thinks it is OK to say "Friggin'."

JCK will take this under advisement.

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  1. I thank my lucky stars that while my sons know my faults, they never tattle about them.

  2. Ha! What would we do without our children around to keep us on the straight and narrow?

  3. I had my kids running around yelling "God . . . bless America!"

  4. Love her! She was waiting for choir rehearsal yesterday, and Greg was there with me picking up James. He was playing around with the kids, and Ava was watching. Later he said to me, "Who was that little girl?" He commented on her thoughtful and intense stare, which I think I remember your writing about once - how she had it even as a little baby! She is taking everything in, isn't she?


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