Friday, January 6, 2012

Life isn't meant to be lived in a ship with no one at the helm...

Oh, I'd love to get together...but. My life is so... crazy! When can we get together? Can you believe it's been... six months? I haven't talked to you in... years. I would love to, but...

JCK is determined to not be that person this year. JCK is setting out for FACE TIME. JCK is going to sit across from her friends and WOman handle them. JCK is not going to let the flow of life Sucker Punch her. JCK is steering the ship this year. She isn't locked up in the hold. No, JCK is the lady pirate with a gap toothed smile and enough teeth to pull off that "too busy" stopper of succor, and let it rip! Life isn't meant to be lived in a ship with no one at the helm...

JCK is going to expand the definition of FACE TIME. In JCK's definition this means...

  • prioritizing relationships
  • seeing friends in person
  • pulling up a chair, picking up the phone and settling in for a long chat

JCK would also like to give a special shout-out to her blogger community. JCK is sure they have all but given up on her, but she asks them to bear with her. JCK is coming back, Sistahs! JCK knows that you saved her proverbial ass during those years of ankle biting children and no naps today and ye gads...the poop explosions. JCK knows who you are. And, JCK is grateful. JCK is raising her glass to you tonight and saying...thank you. Thank you for your friendship and reaching out across the darkness via the waves of Le Internet. JCK is humbled. JCK is...talking too much. But, JCK knows you will forgive her.

Face Time folks. It's what life is about. Texting and Facebook and Twitter are all titillating, but there ain't nothing real like Face Time. Resolution #2- FACE TIME with friends. More of it. Scheduled...

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  1. I have found the key to seeing the people you want to see is advance planning . . . it will be nice to have you around more!

  2. A very worthy resolution! One I need to take as my own too!

  3. The fact that other people don't have this as a priority is one of my biggest annoyances in life. I initiate face time, and plan get togethers and no one reciprocates. I know how busy it gets when you have children, but all too soon our kids will be off at their friends houses and we will wonder where all our friends have gone. I hope you follow through on this resolution, because it will bring so much to your life this year.

  4. Does this mean JCK is coming to Denver?


  5. I'd love to have another face-time meeting with you one of these days. Hope your resolution sticks -- and happy 2012.

  6. It is tough to juggle. Work, play, friends, and family. All our methods of communication make it seem harder, not easier, to stay in touch.


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