Friday, January 13, 2012

launching a call for great time management ideas!

Every once in a while JCK gets a bee in her bonnet about her need for organizational tips - life management/time management - the key word here is management. Over the course of this blog's life, JCK has snagged some great tips on ways that YOU organize and manage your time. It's the start of a new year, and JCK is... launching a call for great time management ideas! Come one and all! Please drop by and leave your little gems.

These are the things that JCK would specifically like tips on, but feel free to add your own:

Family time
Time with spouse
Family Work
Working full-time
Meal Planning
Grocery Shopping
Time with friends (includes calls/emails/letters)
Time for self
Writing time
Bill paying
Thank you notes
The daily mail...

And...Those projects that never go away
: boxes, and boxes, and boxes of photographs that need sorting, tossing and keeping.

JCK is going to start it by disclosing a tip that she just recently figured out. Many of you will be saying, OH....DUH, JCK. And, Seriously??!! But, JCK is proud of herself. Even if it took her several years to figure out. Are you ready for this?

Time management: getting kids breakfast/ready for school - without stress and everyone being crabby.

Tip: Get the kids up 30 minutes earlier. This simple thing has transformed the Motherscribe weekday mornings.

OK, your turn! JCK is awaiting your tips. So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a stiff one - or a caffeinated one, or just get in the ZONE... and let those brilliant time management tips fly out!

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  1. The biggest change I made that saved me was getting up 1/2 hr earlier than Dylan, so I can get my shower and dry my hair in peace! You don't want much, do you?! That's a pretty extensive list. If you figure all of that out, please write a book for all the rest of us! I will probably touch on a few of those things in my new blog though.

  2. First off, put the big projects off indefinitely.

    Mail--never touch a piece of paper twice. Open mail near the recycling bin and/or shredder and toss what you can. File bills immediately. If this means you only check the mail every 3 days, so be it--it keeps a mess off your counters.

    Can you combine some family time with exercise? Can you do a babysitting exchange with another couple so you each get a date night once a month?

  3. Cook double batches and freeze half.

  4. getting up 30 minutes earlier? but that creates an entirely new set of problems and an extra depth of crabbiness. sigh. I'm hopeless.

    ok, my time management skill for getting the kids off to school - let husband do it. he is a saint in blue jeans. but I do the late night teens-on-internet-watch while he saws logs.

    I'm going to have to think while to come up with any serious, helpful time management tips. Hopefully something will come to me and I'll be back.

    meanwhile can you start a blog with time-mgmt-4-moms title?

  5. oh and "time with self." really? let's just scratch that off. who are we kidding?

    in truth, I joined a tennis league a few years ago. my tip is to sign up for something that you are counted on to show up. if not for myself, I will show up if others who need me there.


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