Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chapter on children's creative use of alternative substances...

Last Thursday afternoon, I tucked Girl in for her nap, closed the door and went into the office like I usually do to check emails/do paperwork, etc. During the next 30-45 minutes I heard occasional thumps and stirrings from the next room, nothing that seemed alarming or unusual as Girl frequently changes outfits or shoes several times or reads books before she goes to sleep. After almost an hour had passed, I was continuing to hear noises so I opened her door. The sight which greeted me was only second to the GRAND POOP DEBACLE of Boy’s crib days. Girl was covered from head to toes with great GLOBS of Aquaphor. I mean GLOBS. (If you don't know what Aquaphor is, think Vaseline. It is used as a skin ointment.) We had one of those large jars of the stuff and 3/4 of it were on her and all over her toddler bed, the bedding, Boy’s toddler bed, the bedding, the dresser, and her drawer had been pulled out and almost every piece of clothing had a nice blob on it.

I was SO stunned when I opened the door that I felt my mouth drop open and could only manage a shocked "OH...GIRL..." – which immediately brought on (in wailing, keening tones) – “I WANT MY DADA...I WANT MY DADA...I WANT MY DADA...” It was such a dramatic display of SMEAR that I had to laugh. I let her join Boy in the living room and it only took me about 2+ hours to wash all the bedding and clothes and wipe up the blobs. Getting it out of her hair took about 3 nights of shampooing! That’s our Girl! You gotta love the creativity!

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