Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The discipline of daily blogging and not looking for a result

I think the hardest thing about doing this blog will be to write everyday and not be obsessed with going for the result, as in I have to be a fabulous blogger every day. It is difficult for me, but I need to be challenged, especially challenged by myself. I certainly am not lacking in being challenged on a daily basis by little people. I'm sure that I will get into a rhythm, but when you have those times where you are drawing a blank...well, yeeees that would be about now. I know that I have to continue to plug away and that just the act of writing for myself daily will be a discipline that I will benefit from. Or so I tell myself...

I've been very excited about creating this blog! More excited than I've been in months. I'm feeling alive and driven and I think, no I know, that that is important to listen to. (Sorry, I'm bad about ending with prepositions. SHUT UP!) O.K., I'll go on..Oh...please don't. It seems a perfect fit for me right now; to have a space where I can just put my thoughts and stories down and I DO confess the hope is that other people will enjoy it, too. Of course, not everyone is going to be agog over stories of preschoolers and blathering of a self-absorbed mommy on a quest for creative expression. However, maybe someone will laugh or see a reflection of their life in mine. O.K., I'm going to throw up now. Signing off..

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