Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank GOD for IMITREX & Can you get a straight jacket in size 3T?

Tonight was fabulous! Just what I needed. I have an amazing group of women friends who are part of a playgroup. I joined the playgroup when Boy was 4 months old and I was pregnant with Girl. If ever I needed the support it was then. These women are just the best. And occasionally we get to do a ladies night and last night it was at someones house, which is always great as we get a better visit in. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to go as E had a friend in town who invited him out for dinner and I was coming off a vicious migraine. But, it all worked out. E's friend is here for a couple of weeks, so E graciously bowed out, bless him, and my IMITREX medication kicked in. That stuff is a miracle! Expensive, but a miracle. So, the ladies night was celebrating the in-town appearance of one of our favorite ladies, who moved to Connecticut last summer. It was great to see her and laugh with all the women. It's wonderful to have witty friends, especially when a migraine has left you feeling wit-less. We did a potluck and we all sat around and gabbed, mostly about our kids of course. It is like a shot of Vitamin B-12 to be around my friends and not be with the kids. I ADORE my children and am so grateful that I've been able to be home with them - stressful as that is, but ... I really, REALLY, REALLY appreciate a night out with the girls - brain fried or no. We were commiserating on the terrible twos and challenges we also have with our 3 year olds. There were SO many laughs, witty comments, the best of which was "Can you get a straight jacket in size 3T?"

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  1. LOL, I'd forgotten about that! Hmmm... must have been all of the sangria. ;-) Thanks for the tribute!


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