Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tricycles and Tantrums

Boy has fallen in love with the tricycle. My brother had given him a tricycle (hand-me-down from Boy's cousin) back in November for his birthday. But, it is only in the last month that he has really taken off with it. It is a tall trike with big rubber tires and Boy's feet couldn't reach the pedals until recently. He is on that trike as soon as he gets up in the morning and throughout the day. Today we went to a local park and Boy was literally on the trike for at least an hour. It was the first time he was in "open country" and he loved it! It is a small park with a bike path that circles around the perimeter. He was all over it. Riding on the path, the grass - just flying around and he had freedom written all over his face. It was a joy to see. He was very drawn to an older 5 year old boy who was there on a scooter. Boy kept following him around and the older boy was leading him into all these places that were out of my sight. So, I had to do parent patrol on a much more vigilant basis than I'm used to doing. It made me realize that soon we're going to have to really talk to him about strangers and all of that...Yikes! One of his endearing qualities is that he is so open, and of course we don't want to stifle that. But, he needs to know about boundaries and to be more cautious - not a word I would ever use to describe him. With Girl we probably won't ever have to worry as she still has that 500 yard stare/glare that she's had ever since she was a baby. As in...What are YOU looking at? She might as well have worked for Tony Soprano. It can be off-putting and surprises people. Yet, it is very humorous.

E took Girl on a special Daddy/daughter trip to the toy store yesterday to purchase a tricycle for her. She was very excited to have Daddy just to herself. They had a great time picking out a tricycle, which unfortunately is a bit small for her. We're going to pick up a bigger trike for her this week - one that she can grow into and have for a while. She was getting too frustrated with the little bike and was not able to really pick up any kind of momentum, although she will have to practice for a while before she learns how to pedal.

The infernal whining coming from a certain Girl and temper tantrums are about to do me in. If we get through the day with 2 melt downs/temper tantrums/whining extravaganzas we're doing well - usually it is more like 3 or 4. Everything is life and death. She wants her barrette in her hair. She wants it out of her hair. NO, she wants it IN. NO, SHE WANTS IT OUT! NO, SHE WANTS IT IN!!! And this lasts for a while...and I SO deserve my chocolate. I've recently discovered Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered caramels. Try them. I dare you!

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