Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Father's Day replete with Golf & CROCS

So, we actually had a very low key, very nice Father's Day. Although E was not served in bed, he was served. No, not what you are thinking. Let me rephrase. He was attended to and loved over. By his children and by me. The morning started out at 6:30am with Boy barreling into the kitchen ready to give Daddy his secret present. Soon after arrived Girl, who ambled in with an aura of cute sleepy girlness, "I'm moving slow, don't mess with me or you'll regret it" about her. After getting tanked up on sippy cups of cold milk and small containers of O's and Mighty Bites, they were ready by 6:45am to start launching into WHINER CENTRAL, at which point all bets were off for having poor Daddy get to sleep in. After much shushing and handling of major crises, like needing a barrette to "GET THE HAIR OUT OF MY FACE...whine, whine" and "I DON'T WANT ANY O's, JUST MIGHTY BITES!!...whine, whine...", I did manage to gulp down some tea, make a cup of coffee for E and deliver that to him on the couch. Not quite serving it in bed, but ....hey at least he didn't have to take 5 more steps into the kitchen. Unfortunately, I did not have ear plugs to give him. That would have been a very key gift on this bellowing morning. As soon as Daddy was spotted, Boy & Girl raced into the office to obtain the hidden stash. Boy had made a set of chimes for E at school, decorated himself and couldn't wait to help Daddy tear open the bag. It came with a card with his hand prints on it and a picture he had drawn of "Mommy and Daddy". Girl had made a Father's Day card covered in purple glitter Goo. I had asked her for a quote and she said, "I wanted to make cookies for you today, but Mommy said we didn't have time." Are you sure you want to say this? Yes. So...I couldn't not put that quote in, could I?

We managed to get out of the house to church, where the former Rector celebrated his 50th anniversary as a priest. He gave a heartfelt sermon, really a story about his journey in becoming a Priest, what that had meant to him, and what the Parrish meant to him. It was very moving and once again I got my weekly cry in. We prayed for George W. Bush, as we always do. God knows he needs it! Don't get me started. I wonder if he realizes that liberals cry in church? Or even go to church? Probably not. But, I digress...

Back at home for a simple eggs and toast brunch whipped up by Moi and then E said all he wanted to do was watch THE US OPEN. So...he did. He kicked his feet up, the kids rode their trikes, wrestled, read books with me, and both took a nap. Yeah! And this enabled me to go out and get E some CROCS that match Boy's. (My Mother's Day gift was CROCS that match Girl's. I know we're too cute for words.) At least that was my mission. I raced over to a local sports equipment store, grabbed the CROCS - made sure they were the right size so that I wouldn't have to come back, picked up some Reisen chocolates (request) for Big Daddy, stopped by Trader Joe's for quick dinner items and got back home all within about an hour and a half. Boy and Girl were up entertaining E, who was still watching the US OPEN (don't golf tournaments last 24 hours?) I hustled Boy to the back room so that he could admire my success. Immediately he told me they were the wrong color. Oh, come on. He ran to his room, returning with his CROCS. He was right, dammit! So, I would have to return to the sporting goods store and obtain the right color. My Uncle by marriage was color blind, but I don't think I can get away with thinking that that is related or is any kind of legitimate excuse. While I stewed, Boy ran into the living room and told E, "we don't have matching CROCS!" I try not to CURSE, which I really, really want to do. And it is pretty damn funny. However, the last thing I want to do is get back in the minivan and drive to the sporting goods store. But, I do, with 2 tots who insist on going. I tried to bribe them to stay with Daddy... wouldn't it be fun to watch Daddy watch GOLF? Can they imagine anything more fun than that? They're on to me and it is no go. So, I tell them they can only go if they have very good "store manners". We succeed in getting out of the house about twenty minutes later, leaving a trail of several tried on outfits, shoes and toys behind us. (E did manage to mutter "I can watch them if you need to go back out", but it was in such a weak, this is my only day, please spare me...kind of voice that I just couldn't subject him to it.)

We arrived at the Sporting Goods store in relatively good spirits and with minimal threats we maneuvered across the parking lot and into the store. We were able to go straight to the CROCS rack, seize the right color and size and make it to the cash register unscathed. There was a brief mention of "This is candy, Girl", by BOY but I managed to whisk them past and into the safe zone of the check-out. We arrived back at the house and Boy presented Daddy with his CROCS, to which E exclaimed with great "surprise"...WOW, now we have matching CROCS!

The US OPEN ended, I have no idea who won....We had a simple dinner and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. By 8pm, I was whipped and the kids were not. They were just gearing up and up and up. By 9pm, Girl was asleep and Boy was still talking very loudly in their room. By 9:30pm, all was quiet and I was too tired to do anything but go to sleep. And then for added entertainment, Boy decided to come into our room over and over and over again with various crises: There's a bear in my bed. Something is biting me. I'm scared. I want to rock in the rocking chair. I can't find my cozy blanket. I want my water. And so it went....until somewhere in there, E walked him back to bed and said good-night and all was quiet...until 6:30am tomorrow.

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