Friday, June 15, 2007

Recall on Thomas Trains

RC2 Corp. Recalls Various Thomas & Friends(tm) Wooden Railway Toys Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard.

I found out about this recall and am absolutely mystified, perplexed...and downright outraged. I mean how in the WORLD could a company put lead based paint on children's toys?!!! Lead has been out of house paint for years, because of the dangers. And even oil paint is hard to come by now. Lead based paint on "various Thomas & Friends(tm) Wooden Railway Toys." Unbelievable. How many toddlers have been putting these little wooden trains in their mouth as a pacifier? So many things are going out into the world these days without being checked and double-checked. We're all in a hurry. Let's churn out those toys...then we'll see if there are any problems or endangerment to our children.

If you want to see the full list of the trains containing lead paint on CPSC's web site, check out:

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