Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hoping for a dry night

Tonight boy is going to bed sans pull-up. He has been dry the last couple of nights and also dry the last few times he has napped. So...we're taking the leap to see if he is ready to sleep in just his pjs and on his insistence, underwear. This morning when he woke up dry we did a high five and talked about the possibility of his leaving pull-ups behind. To emphasize I kept throwing his pull-up in the air shouting "Good-bye Pull-ups!!!" and he thought that was hysterically funny. They both did. In fact, it gave Girl the idea of throwing her pull-up in the air, which was quite loaded with pee - not quite the same idea. She had a very difficult time tonight wearing a pull-up if Boy was not. She is all about doing the same thing as Boy. That is her duty as the younger sister. She takes it very seriously, her duty. She took it so seriously that we very nearly had another tantrum. Finally we compromised. She could wear her pjs without a pull-up until it was time to go to sleep and then she would have to put on a pull-up. At the very end she almost didn't accept it, but luckily crisis averted and she went to bed with a pull-up on. Of course, there is a very real possibility that she will sneak it off -just because ....she can. Although Boy has been getting up in the night to go to the bathroom on several occasions, I will be stunned if he makes it through the night dry. We can only hope.

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