Monday, June 25, 2007

Snow hat and mittens in June and Miss Destruction

This morning Girl insisted on wearing her mittens and hat with shorts, tank top, and sandals with socks to take Boy to school. Boy thought about making the leap, but compromised with wearing his sun hat in the car.

This afternoon Girl insisted on loading up her Dora backpack with several baseballs and toys and wearing it to pick up Boy at school. She is practicing wearing her backpack for our plane trip next week. (I'm flying with both of them solo. Am I insane?) Boy was quite impressed with her backpack attire upon pick-up. He was, as usual, covered head to toe in dirt with a good little mud glob stuck on his cheek. The percentage of dirt/mud seems to equate with the happiness he has had that day - usually quite high.

While I was preparing dinner, E played catch with Boy & Girl in the living room. They were having a blast. Then after I tucked Girl in for the night, E played with Boy in the playroom. First on the blackboard. E colored, Boy erased. Then Boy set up his Thomas trains and tracks and they played for quite a while. Boy just eats up that one on one time with daddy.

Girl seems to be on a destructive mission lately. For about the 3rd time she messed up the toilet paper holder. It is once again inoperable and the toilet paper roll keeps rolling across the bathroom floor to the opposite wall, not a discovery you notice until it is too late. Then when I was cleaning today, (yes, that actually happened!), I found a broken slat under her toddler bed. Apparently bouncing like a maniac over and over again on a toddler bed can break it. She seemed surprised. Boys are more destructive than girls? Naaaaahhhhh

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Stumbled on it by accident. Very funny, quality writing.

  2. Thanks so much. So glad you found it and come back again!


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