Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reading a story to Boy's class

Today I got to read a book to Boy's class. I loved it! Best audience I've ever had. I read, "Sam and the Firefly" by P.D. Eastman- one of our current faves and a childhood favorite of has been around a looong time. The kids were so good. They all sat in their places on the floor, about 24 of them. Girl was able to be there, too and she and Boy sat right up front. Looking out on all those rapt, young faces eager for a story, listening to every word- it was great. I'm sorry I haven't done it sooner. Boy really enjoyed me doing it, too. Girl did really well. She is not used to sitting on the floor in a group and she sat almost until the very end. When she started to stand up several of the kids said, "NO, GIRL! Sit down, girl." They all call me "Boy's Mom." So it was, "Boy's Mom, Girl stood up." "Boy's Mom...this, Boy's Mom that." Very cute. I was really surprised that they were able to be so quiet and attentive. Somehow I imagined that the teachers would have to structure them or keep them contained. Seeing the progress that Boy has made this year is amazing! For quite a while he had to sit in one of the teacher's laps during story time. Now he is able to sit still! And this is my boy who is always in perpetual motion.

Every time I take Boy to school, I am so grateful that he is there. It is a wonderful preschool daycare. The teachers are just fabulous and the continual creativity at hand there is awesome to see. A couple of weeks ago they pretended they were in outer space for the week and slept in their sleeping bags during nap time. They built a mobile with the constellations on it and are learning all about earth and the various planets. It is going to be a relearning process for me, because I don't remember anything! It is very sad. Between my "mommy brain" and 80's WHAAHOO living (read between the lines, here), I'm in need of some serious brain recharging.

Girl starts at Boy's school in the fall. She'll be going 3 full days a week. It will be wonderful for her, great for me and terribly difficult to let go - I think for both of us. My hope for her is that she will love it and be happy there like Boy is now. My hope for me is that I will find something again for me that will make me a better mother, wife and person.

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