Thursday, June 7, 2007

Leaving the crusts

I never thought I'd have children who would leave their crusts. That seems a foreign concept to me. I remember in elementary school some of the kids would have white bread with the crusts cut off. I always thought that was wierd. But, my mom was radical on nutrition. I had sandwiches on whole wheat with things like cream cheese & olives or meunster cheese and mustard. My mom wasn't into "American kinds of foods", even then. No fluffernutter sandwiches for us. Anyway...after having children who would eat just about anything, I now have picky eaters. Distracted eaters. They continue to mow through their snacks, but meal time can be somewhat torturous. Girl now hates pasta, even with sauce - won't touch potatoes, avoids vegetables. Boy, who once loved spicy enchiladas, will now call anything too spicy and refuse to eat it. He once loved green beans. Now he doesn't like them. I'm not overly concerned or worried about it, just incredibly annoyed by it. They've always been great eaters and most people will probably still call them good eaters, but I will call them the pickiest of good eaters. Sad little crusts left sitting on the plate...

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  1. "Sad little crusts left sitting on the plate..." -- Hilarious! Funny how different their food likes/dislikes can be from our own. This week my very picky DD has been begging for chocolate milk, which she's never tasted before and which I thought she'd reject after her first sip (she's always been a milk purist - no vanilla, banana, or strawberry flavored milk for her). Plus, I've always *hated* the stuff, and dreaded the idea of wasting the 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk she tried to convince me to buy. So I put her off by reminding her that she's never like flavored milk before and saying that we'd make a little using plain milk, coco powder and sugar just to see what she thought. So that's what we did this morning and she LOVED IT. Oh well, perhaps she'll start liking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches next. :-)


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