Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Summer Solstice Tea Party

"A proper tea was a gathering of friends with light refreshments and chat. Later the working and farming communties adopted the afternoon tea, but incorporated more hearty foods and the addition of meat dishes. They called this High Tea, so called because it was taken at a high dining table instead of lower small tables found in a parlor or boudoir. Whichever suits you, a tea is a wonderful excuse to get together. It can be inside or out, very formal, by today's standards , or not." [Quote and picture are courtesy of The Complete Victorian Homestead.]

Well, Girl and I had a tea party to go to today. It was FABULOUS. It was a tea party to mark the Summer Solstice and was just for Girl, myself, my friend and her daughter, who is very close in age to Girl. The lovely invitation was hand delivered and read:

Summer Solstice Tea Party
Where: Patio Garden
When: Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Time: After naps
Please join us for an afternoon of fun, food, drink and conversation.

And yes, it was as exquisite as that sounds. Of course, no naps had occurred with either girl. My Girl was incredibly excited and didn't want to waste a moment sleeping when she could be actively anticipating going to the tea party. After an hour in her room, I relented and had her come out and have "quiet time" in the playroom. Her smile was infectious and I just couldn't help laughing at her excitement, as I was excited, too!

We arrived to a table set with loving care. Homemade lavender sachets at each place. There was Egyptian Mint Tea, goat cheese and feta marinated in olive oil and herbs to be spread on bread, fresh apricots, blackberries and strawberries from their garden, and little carrot cakes with edible flowers - and the big girls got sparkling rosé, (E agreed to pick up Boy from school so that I could imbibe), which always feels decadent in the afternoon. The little girls had fancy china cups with a small pitcher of water for serving themselves. It was a glorious hot day with a light breeze. The light is very special at this time of year. Very crisp and almost sharp with soft edges. After a little bit of eating, the girls needed to move and busied themselves with blowing bubbles, the painting easel and my girl had to try on several pairs of her friend's shoes - too small or no. And it was so....nice to kick back and talk with my friend, feeling the warm sun on the back of my neck and for a short while the dreaminess of a summer afternoon.

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  1. How absolutely lovely! The menu sounds divine. And topped off with Rose'! Doesn't get much better. Such a lovely memory for your little girls.


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