Thursday, June 28, 2007

Girl's instructions on how to put on underwear

Girl has been practicing loading up her backpack for our trip next week. Today the backpack contained wadded kleenex, 2 baseballs, 1 hook from Boy's rescue helicopter, 1 small car, a small baby brush and comb, toy saxophone, small flashlight, 1 board eraser, and 1 pillowcase containing a pair of E's socks, 1 fancy blue Easter glove, a RR crossing sign and a lamb puppet. Whoooaa...glad someone's prepared for going to the beach!

I also had the pleasure of overhearing her instructions to her lamb on the proper placement of underwear:

Girl: Furst the little part goes in the front. Then the BIG part goes on your bobum because your bobum is BIG.

I'm not sure who Girl is referring to with the BIG BOBUM. Oh, yes must be E. I come from a long line of flat BOBUM people.

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