Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ooooh NOOOO.... She's got the WEEPY GENE!

This afternoon Girl's nap was pushed back pretty late due to an hour or so in her room of looking at books, putting panties on her lamb, (I want Lamby to share them with me), and sorting all of the dolls and bears on the corner cupboard shelf. When she surfaced close to 5pm she was a bit dazed. (Yes, I'm an idiot for letting her sleep that late!) By that time E was home and was mowing the grass. Did you know that the lawn must be mowed in blazing 90+ degree heat? Yes, it is apparently a law; at least around here. So...I fixed Girl a snack and told her that I was leaving to pick up Boy and would be back soon. She stood up and her lower lip quivered, her eyes filled with tears, and she valiantly tried to get control of her face, but I saw it! The expression. The family manifestation. Oh....NOOOO...she's got the WEEPY GENE! First the lip quivers, the tears fill, the desperate attempts to not cry which leads to water truly gushing out of the eyes and gut wrenching sobs seeming with no end. I know this well. I have it. It comes from my mother's line. All big weepers. It is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean it proves that you are an incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably ultra-sensitive being. But, it is a handicap. And good-bye tends to be what sets it off. I was really hoping she'd get the we weep at appropriate moments gene from E's side of the family. Normal crying which requires maybe a Kleenex rather than a beach towel. Poor girl. Doomed. Just doomed.

Boy really cracked me up today. I picked him up from school and as we were trying to exit the lot, a woman was very slowly sauntering across the parking lot in front of us. While we sat and sat in the car waiting, there was a pause in which Boy said: Come ON Laaady! Just...WAAALK! It was truly hysterical. The tonal quality, the timing - everything was perfect. My little whippersnapper is witty! Cool.

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