Friday, June 29, 2007

I saw a Sea Snake!

Today at Boy's school a marine lab aquarium came with a big tank full of sea creatures. I saw jellyfish! And a sea snake! He was very, very sick. "What else did you see?" Silence. "Did you see fish?" Yes, I saw fish. Silence. "Anything else?" Beat. Beat. Deep contemplation obviously going on. "Boy, anything else?" A Sea Snake! He was very, very sick. "What was wrong with him?" He was very, very sick. "Oh....Were there any turtles?" No, they didn't bring the sea turtles today. "Did you get to touch anything?" The SEA SNAKE! Obviously, the sea snake made a big impression. "What about a crab?" Yes, there was a little, little crab. I didn't touch him! I didn't touch him...oh, no, no, no.

Last summer Boy stuck his finger in a crab hole on the beach and withdrew a very large crab clinging to his finger. After several looong seconds it finally let go. Although he was in a lot of pain, he was most hurt that the crab had chosen to bite him rather than being his friend. My brother-n-law caught it and put it in a bucket. At the very least I wanted to boil that crab for dinner! My BIL had a better idea. He walked over to Boy, showed him the crab and then with exaggeration and a pointed finger said, "NO, NO, NO Mr. CRAB! You DO NOT BITE Boy's finger!! And then he released the crab into the ocean to the awe of all the children gathered around. The crab story has become part of our family lore. In fact, Girl brings it up frequently. She knows that Boy is the greatest explorer of all time.

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