Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Subtle Shifts mean Great Leaps and other notes to myself

Suddenly I realize so many things that have changed. Boy and Girl are now sitting on real chairs at the dining room table. The booster seats are in the garage. We're using all real eating utensils; no plastic toddler spoons and forks. No diapers! Only pull-ups at nap time and at night. Boy's shoe size is 11. Girl's shoe size is close to 9. He is wearing 5T. She is wearing 4T. They've both learned the name and number of our street address. They can both count to ten or more. Boy can count down from 10 to blast off! They both can almost always dress themselves. I watched Boy the other day and realized he puts his shoes and socks on himself, before he goes outside. Girl will now wear dresses on occasion and likes hair barrettes. They play together at least half of the time. Yesterday I saw them playing hide-n-go seek. Girl spends at least an hour a day "reading" to herself. She sometimes reads to Boy, especially in the car. Girl is doing more intricate puzzles (ages 3-5.) Boy is creating elaborate worlds wherever he goes, both alone or bringing Girl along for an imaginary train ride or a "bear hunt."

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