Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who the heck are Silly, Silly, Sam & Goofy, Goofy Mary & Sneaky, Sneaky Trevor?

Silly, Silly Sam & Goofy, Goofy Mary are our dogs. Sneaky, Sneaky Trevor is our cat. A few months ago I started making up stories about the 3 adventurers at bedtime and now it has become part of the every night ritual, especially for Boy. E does it, too. He sometimes sings made up songs about them. The children are very blessed not to have me singing them the stories. E can sing. Alas, I cannot.

Some of my greatest childhood memories are of my father making up stories about a stuffed animal bear. The stories were called, "The Bear's Gang." The bear and his gang were always getting into trouble. They always traveled to exotic locales - i.e., a tennis ball factory. If I can provide half the wonder that Dad gave me, I will have given my children much.

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