Monday, October 6, 2008

He only answers to his name, I Love Trains

There is a new boy in town. His name is "I Love Trains." This new boy hails from Trainville, where he attends Kindergarten. He only answers to his name, I Love Trains, and if called BOY will immediately make it clear that BOY has left the building. Or napping. Napping. Yeah, right.

Not to be undone, GIRL has joined in the amusement. She is no longer GIRL, but "Older GIRL". She hails from San Francisco, and has traveled by Trolley car to arrive here.

At first JCK thought this was a short, cute, one night phase. Apparently not. No, apparently, this phase is going to be around for a while. Especially since her children, formerly known as BOY & GIRL, have been observed using this new, creative name tool in the vegetable wars. As in...I love Trains and Older GIRL have a great disdain for and refuse to eat all vegetables. Yes, pretty much all.

However, Ol' JCK has been around the block a few times. Oh, yes, she has! And so it was with extreme cleverness and self-congratulation, that she has convinced BOY & GIRL that frozen spinach added to a smoothie makes for incredibly strong and fast running children. And they bought it... Hook, line and sucker! with little green teeth smiles. JCK herself, is also quick on the draw. She has been seen taking a big sip of the green smoothie and then, sight unseen, spitting the verdant swill into the kitchen sink. Or was that after hearing Sarah Palin's voice on NPR this morning? She just can't remember...

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  1. Oh you clever one. Don't let them catch you; they will be reading pretty soon and then it's curtains if they catch you.

    (I wanted to sling some folksy phrase, but I can't stomach it today.)

  2. A spinach smoothie?! You are cruel. Cruel and desperate.

  3. Speaking of Sarah Palin, I live in MN. Every time I hear her, I feel like I'm watching Fargo all over again. But besides that, I CANNOT stop imitating the accent. Very, very well. I'm not even trying. It's just that if I hear her, it won't go away. I say uff da and you betch'a and all sorts of things I would NEVER say....
    I can't escape it. I walk around sounding really dumb...all the time. It's awful.

    Okay, and other than that...
    You're hilarious, you tricky spinach mother. I love it.

  4. I love it. So very funny (when it doesn't happen at MY house...)

    And you must have some food voodoo to get green drink down them.

  5. That sounds truly disgusting. Did you serve it to them at the sink? You know, just in case it didn't uh, 'stay down'?

    I love you, you evil genius.

  6. Aw, how mean are you? Spinach smoothies! Little green smiles.

    What did my son like for veggies? He actually liked to eat raw cabbage cutin chunks - it's sweet!

    Also - see if they like frozen peas to snack on. I know, it sounds weird, but frozen peas are delicious. I mean, eating them when they're frozen.

  7. he he he

    and Palin is enough to make anyone vomit

  8. Have fun being evil like that now because in a few years...Good luck to ya! (As Ms. Palin would say). Oooh, I think the only positive thing I can say about Palin is that she's making Bush look benign.

  9. spinach smoothie, that's clever....were their poo green?! *laugh*

  10. Am I the only who likes spinach smoothies ;)

  11. maybe we could put sarah in the smoothie.

    ok, that was mean.

  12. Thank goodness I didn't turn on the radio this morning.

    Grownup Girl insisted on being called Figaro (the cat from Pinocchio) for about 6 months.

  13. A spinach smoothie. You do realize you are onto something, right? RIGHT!

    And PM's comment has me smirking to no end. :)

  14. ACK.

    Corn (and the occasional salad, for my girl) is the only universally accepted vegetable in this house.

    And potatoes. We're very starchy.

  15. Spinach smoothies... the vegetable wars have gone nuclear. Frightening.


  16. spinach smoothies? My kid can't eat anything and I wouldn't subject him to that swill. I mean this with love, so take it as so, but... are you on drugs? Maybe just a few puffs a day? There's help for that you know. You can even wear your fishnets to the outpatient facility.

  17. The Queen eats a number of vegetables. DeBoy eats none, except for these spinach cheese things that look like chicken nuggets, except they have spinach and cheese inside instead of chicken. We made zucchini chocolate chip cookies once and they ate those. I dont' think I could even MAKE A spinach smoothie, much less taste it.
    We haven't started the name game yet, but there's a girl in tumbling class who will only answer to Tinkerbell. This has been going on for just over a year.


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