Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scarecrows and pumpkins and politics, OH MY!

There are some scary shenanigans going on at Casa de Motherscribe. Oh, yes...BOY HOWDY! Scarecrows and pumpkins and politics, OH MY!

BOY has decided he wants to be a robot for Halloween. So...I've been working on my paper bag and aluminum foil skills. With a few loose screws.
Oh, THOSE were hard to find...

GIRL wants to be a nice witch. She's a minimalist this year. A witch's hat, black leggings and top. Perhaps some black crepe paper wrapped around her broom handle will do. Thank GOD, as last year she was an owl. Yes. And as for my owl costuming skills? Well...let's just say that everyone called her "a cute kitty" and she glared at them. As all good owls should.

My children have been SO pumped full of candy this week that their poop is coming out wrapped. I know. I know. What's a mom to do? They've had more candy in the last week than in their entire lives. Oh well... Today I stuffed them with apple slices and cold milk. We hope to be balanced by morning.

On Thursday there will be much carving of pumpkins. By me. It is truly a blessing to be so involved in these special home projects with the kids, because they distract me from the riveting little snippets of political news that manage to unnerve me at every turn.

Could it really be true that many people in our country think that Barack Obama is a terrorist?

Or that Sarah Palin could be a Presidential contender for 2012?

It boggles the mind. These are scary times.

SCREAM! There's McCain!
He's SO pale. Must have been all that time he spent indoors while suspending his campaign... Wait! Wait! Is that Palin's head off to the side?

SHRIEK! No, no, there she is!! There's Palin!
Definitely $150,000 worth of Neiman's. Just look at those colors. Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Note: The children who created the above ghost and spiders wish to reserve their right to be an independent. They cannot take responsibility for the gross mishandling of their art projects perpetuated by their left wing mother. They wonder why we all can't just get along. They remain...undecided. Although they can be bribed with candy corn...

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  1. Scary times, for sure!

    Look at all your decorations...I'm so impressed. My one gesture will be to try to find the lighted pumpkin from last year. You're making me look bad!

  2. I think that's a very respectable robot costume, loose screws and all!

    And yes, this political season is scary, to say the least . . .

  3. Hee hee!! I remember thinking during the last debate that McCain looked like a jackolantern made out of one of those ghost-white pumpkins!

    I hope your kids have tons of fun. BOY's costume will be great.

    And I always took a tithe of candy from my son's haul. I like the rolls of Smarties and the Reeses items.

  4. I am a lefty too, and I will ignore what you said about Palin in 2012 because it might make me crawl under my bed in a fetal position. I need her to just...go...away...let's...just....pretend...all...this...never...happened...

    However, I think we probably shouldn't make fun of someone with a melanoma history for being pale...

    Love ya, darlin'!

  5. Hee hee. I love the decorations, and you are far too hard on yourself. Your costuming skills are excellent. The Queen has also chosen to be a witch this year. DeBoy is torn between being a dinosaur like last year or Charlie Brown. I'm thinking of just putting a Charlie Brown shirt on over his dinosaur costume.
    As to the politics, this has been one horrifying week. That on top of the near-death throes caused by my flu shot made for a pretty hellish weekend.

  6. One more crazy week of candy, then it will mellow out.

    (The kids' lunches looked wholly wholesome today; it's to make up for all the crap they'll have all week.)

  7. i just donated money to "no on prop 8" in honor of some friends who just joined in civil union.

    loved this post. I scandalized the babysitter when she figured out I was a democrat. I may just blog about it tomorrow!

  8. You are funny, and I love that you make your own costumes! What are you and E going to be this year?

  9. "My children have been SO pumped full of candy this week that their poop is coming out wrapped." You are so funny, perhaps you SHOULD write for network Tv. Come on. Censor your voice. You can still wear fishnets to the tapings.

  10. Can't we all be bribed with candy corn?

    (Great work, kids, whether or not you support a political message from Mom :D)

  11. Love the robot costume! I hope I have it in me to make my kids' costumes when they're older. You've inspired me. And I love your sign! Let's make a deal: I'll consider your NO vote on Prop 8 mine and I'll give you my OBAMA vote in Virginia. That's fair, right? (I hope McCain doesn't see this comment and accuse me of voter fraud . . . )

  12. :0) I KNEW I loved you! And the fact that you're even attempting to make costumes is inspiring.

    DJ (to get my goat) told me he was going to put a yes on 8 sign in our yard. After I was done choking, I told him I'd rather he put a McCain/Palin sign up. I'd rather people think I support them than think I discriminate.

  13. I love the robot costume ;)

    You need to see my post on the great big pumpkin--they get rid of all Halloween candy. Because Halloween candy makes them crazy :)

  14. McCain looked soooo pale, he can't even withstand the sunlight! *laugh* How could he withstand the pressure from the citizens?! *laugh*


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