Thursday, May 7, 2009

BOY: I have a job.

Apparently BOY has a job. A few days ago, during a recent jaunt in the minivan all was revealed...

BOY: Well, you know Mom. I have something to tell you. A secret. Something very important.

JCK: What is it BOY?

BOY: I have a job.

JCK: A job?

BOY: Yes. It is AT NIGHT.

JCK: Mmmm... A night job? I didn't know you had a job.

BOY: Well, I DO. It's a job AT NIGHT. I wait until you are asleep, and then I leave the house AT NIGHT. I start my job at 1:30. I take the bus. Then I take the metro train, and that takes me to my job.

JCK: I see. You must be pretty tired from having a night shift job.

BOY: Yeah.

JCK: What IS your job exactly?

BOY: I build rocket ships. All the parts for rocket ships. It's incredible.

JCK: Yes, BOY it IS. Now, BOY, this is a wonderful story from your amazing imagination!


And then today....

BOY taking his shirt off: Mom, I'll need this shirt clean. I wear it to my job.

...........JCK is thinking she'll need to start teaching BOY that HE CAN DO the laundry a lot earlier than she had planned...

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  1. What an amazing imagination! Although? I'd probably double check the door locks.

  2. I was going to make the lock comment. You never know about these kids.

    My son started having insomnia when he was 5 and was getting up and watching SportsCenter on TV at 3:30 in the morning--we didn't find out for months. We were sleeping!

  3. I think you need a hidden camera! Maybe he'll be a writer with that kind of imagination!

  4. A child prodigy rocket scientist who cannot do his own laundry??


  5. Oh, that is just precious!!!

  6. Well done, Boy! Rocket scientist at such a young age.

    Don't you just want to pull the car over and kiss him? And yes, check the locks.

  7. My daughter leaves for her job every afternoon in the Little Tykes car (after she fills up with pretend gas, of course.) She insists on a goodbye kiss and waves as she drives away.

    She is an engineer at a flower shop that bakes cakes, too.

    It's not rocket science, but it makes her happy.


    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, J.

    - Julia at Midwest Moms

  8. That IS incredible! And very funny. I'll bet he'll be glad you wrote it down one day many years from now, when he's headed out into the real world of work!

  9. haha how funny. None of mine have ever said that. Let's hope he doesn't get bored of working life though - he might decide to retire at 18!

  10. I'm thinking if he can build a rocket, he can sure wash a shirt. :)

  11. Oh dear, I suppose he will eventually start doing the test flights too... They grow up so fast!

  12. What a sweetie! But - yeah. Teach him to do his own laundry. You'll be glad you did, when he's 14.

  13. *laugh*
    Oh mommy, you've got to 'MAKE SURE' he is truly asleep every night now, before you rest... or he might just 'walk' out of the house to go to his job... *wink*

  14. This is hilarious! Sounds like you have a little rocket scientist on your hands :)

  15. Quite amazing. But yes, any rocket scientist worth his salt can certainly do his own laundry!!


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