Friday, May 22, 2009

I've left you with a short, juicy read list...

I'm going offline for a few days. But, while I'm gone, I've left you with a short, juicy read list...

If you want to be incredibly moved, here's one of the best personal pieces I've read on Motherhood and Feminism.

If you want to laugh, here is Ruth Pennebaker on How to Talk to Women.


Mom Bomb on The difference between me and my mother, as illustrated in 3 simple scenarios.

Have a great holiday weekend! See you in a few days...

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  1. XXcellent & funny, Jen!
    Maybe you need to get off the line more often...Hohoho!

  2. Have a fun time! Love the list:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. Have a safe and happy, JCK! Thanks for the reading links.

  4. Great reads, I clicked through to all!

  5. that's funny. I have a post entitled On Motherhood and Feminism as well...
    Mine's entirely different in feeling, but the title is applicable nonetheless! I love your stuff. Thanks for writing!


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