Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bathing Suit. Season. Such a cruel word. Season.

JCK is suddenly aware that bathing suit season is upon us. Bathing Suit. Season. Such a cruel word. Season. As if one just frolics about ...unencumbered by bathing suit FEARS.

Now... All should be well because JCK is pretty relaxed about the bathing suit body issues. *AHEM* Or so she said last year. But, that was SO LAST YEAR. Instead, she finds that she is muttering to herself....WTF?! Often. Basically she has spent too much of the last year semi-vertical in a chair or on a bed. But, walking or moving her body, or bending into the divine of yoga? Not so much. And then there's the little issue of metabolism. Yes, there's that. You see, JCK has been COMPLETELY spoiled up until about ...oh, the last couple of months. She had this really groovy genetic thing going where she could eat pretty much what she wanted, within reason. (Reason being heavy on the chocolate.) But, as is true with most good things. They come to an end. And unfortunately the end has manifested in a lushER silhouette. JCK has determined that she would have been a perfect candidate for living in another time. Because lush is delightful when one wears long, flowing feminine garb or NEKID. But, lush in a bathing suit in 2009. Well, it just doesn't have that je ne sais quois element that it did in her 20s when everything gelled together a little bit nicer.

However, the reality is that JCK doesn't want to put all this self defeating crap upon herself or for her daughter to pick up on that self-defeating crap. JCK wants to be the kind of mom who is right there in the pool with her kids. Not the mom who lies on the chaise draped in a sarong...dreading the take off. That moment when one ever so casually tosses the sarong over one's chair and then decides to lay back down again. The mom who lets the dad do all the pool play. Nope. JCK doesn't want to be that mom.

So, what is JCK to do? Apparently she needs to just GET OVER IT. Life is short. She's lost friends this year. They're gone forever. Do you think they would give up one moment of jumping into the pool with their children, because their thighs are fleshy? No. So, JCK is GOING to get over it. And she's also going to start taking better care of herself. Because the truth is...she wants to be around for a long time. Having fun. And not always muttering WTF right before Memorial Day weekend...

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  1. Thank you for choosing GET OVER IT. It's what I did and I spent many happy hour frolicking in the pool and the waves with my kids. I don't regret one moment of it.

  2. Yay you! I know that feeling, for sure, except the part about where i used to be hot.

  3. I agree with you, Jen. Bikini season sounds so much better.

  4. jump on in, baby the water is fine

  5. Brava! Glad to see you found your moxie.

  6. Oh man! I was just talking about this.

    On the swimsuit thing, I've decided to get over it, too. I'm not going to look back later and say, "I wish I would have...," only to find it's too late.

  7. We went to the park yesterday for a family game of soccer, after which I could hear my joints creaking. It was fun, but creaking?? That can't be good.

    Looks like I need to step up my game a bit. (Someone's been spending a little too much time blogging! NOT good on the ole' thighs, I tell you.)

    Good luck with the swimsuits. Hint: keeping most of your body underwater as you play with your kids at the pool is good for the body image... and more fun, too.You can do it, sister! - Julia

  8. GET OVER IT by buying a slenderizing suit, such as a Miracle Suit. I buy mine on Ebay instead of the $100 price tag in most department stores. "Look ten lbs. thinner."

  9. i tried on bathing suits at Old Navy today, and determined that every last one of them was made for women (or, more likely GIRLS) who had no breasts and no need for SUPPORT.


  10. *laugh* you cracked me up...
    ya babe, get over with it... till girl becomes a teenager, maybe then, will she bother about the extra fats on your thighs... *wink*

  11. I choose to think this way when faced with bathing suit season...

    If men at the pool are looking at me, it is because they see something they like. Men don't look, otherwise.

    If women at the pool are looking at me, they are probably only thinking "at least I'm not the only one".

    Does that mean I don't groan when I put a bathing suit on? No, but it helps.

  12. I'm *kinda* over it considering I have not even attempted to try on a bathing suit in 6 years; I stick with the not-horrible Anne Klein I found at Nordstrom and call it decent.

    But honestly this is where I love the Pacific NW in that there are very few days when I have to entertain the idea of a swimsuit. Plus everyone knows I'm a cat when it comes to water.

    You go; I am certain your spunk & verve takes over any (dubious) lack of lushness. :D

  13. I remember my Mom staying out of the water, too embarrassed to put a suit on even though she grew up in LA, and used to surf, of all things.

    I love now that she's a grandma, she will join us in the pool. She may not like it, but once she's in, she's happy.

    I went swimming with my very svelte, super athletic friend recently - ok, we sat in the hot tub while our kids SWAM - and I had a moment of panic over waltzing around in my suit. Believe me. I am lush. But I quickly forgot it because life really is short.

    I want all the fun and frolic while it lasts...

  14. I generally make myself feel better by looking at my fellow swimmers. Yes, some look better, but some look worse. This doesn't mean I want anyone taking pictures, however.


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