Friday, July 3, 2009

Here's a little known fact about JCK

In the last few days an idea has been germinating in JCK's brain. In the quest for ways to generate income, she has been focusing on her skill set. What does JCK have to bring to the table, and what works for her family now that she is a mother of two smallish children? Somewhere between the last week of frequent yoga classes, and backing out of her driveway to smash into her neighbor's car...she came up with what she thinks is a gem! At the very least worth a try. What could this be, you ask?

Here's a little known fact about JCK. In the not too distant past, JCK was a massage therapist. She went to massage school for a year, completed 635 hours of study, and was certified in 3 modalities. By the time she graduated, she was able to open up her own office within 3 months. She loved her office. E painted it for her. A relaxing, soothing blue-green. She hung pictures and a tapestry. It was peaceful. It was her space. And she was proud.

JCK had a practice for women. She specialized in therapeutic massage, enabling clients to enter a sacred space to unwind from the day. And to leave a lighter, more rejuvenated person.

So...JCK has decided to launch a new business. Massage targeted to moms. The ones who never treat themselves to the spa, because it intimidates them or they can't afford it. The ones who keep saying they need a massage, but don't ever get one. The ones who are always juggling childcare when they attempt to do anything. Those ones. JCK will go to their homes and bring relaxation to them. She will arrive in the evening when the children are asleep. Or during the day when the children are in school or on a play date. And perhaps down the road, JCK will have her own space.

JCK had thought about doing massage again. But, it wasn't until the idea planted itself and began to grow....cater to the mom population, that it felt right. And if it doesn't work? There will be a few moms out there who are more relaxed, and JCK will have moved from fear into action. As for today, that feels like something. It really does...

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  1. How far will you travel? Georgia?? I remember your office. It was wonderful. Movement is good.

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me! It will start small, but pretty soon you'll have franchises all over! I think you need someone in Pittsburgh!

  3. This sounds perfect for you, J. I might have to move closer. Really, I think you've hit on a perfect idea.

  4. I think the fact that you are excited about it means it is a great idea. I know cost is a major factor in my not getting more massages--if you can find a way to bring that down I'm sure your business will take off.

  5. Brilliant. Good for you!!!!
    I have a friend of a friend who does this. Her business is doing quite well, as it is so convenient for her clients. She has even done massages with little ones playing around the mom or in another room looking at the TV.

  6. Wonderful idea! Some insurances even pay for massage now but getting out to get a massage is such a pain. I would love to give you my business but I'm too far away.

  7. Dude! You asked me about my practice and I flaked on you, sorry.

    To answer your question, I do mostly injury rehabilitation, prenatal and sports therapy with a chiropractor. so the economy hasn't nailed us...yet.

    but truly...having met you, hugged you and had you lay on me? I would love to have you rub me.

    Do this.

  8. Word of mouth will be key. Leave cards with each mom to pass out to her friends, and before you know it, you'll be rolling in the phat cash . . .

    Go for it!

  9. That's a fabulous idea. How far are you willing to travel? Would 1000 miles be out of the realm of possibility?

  10. Wonderful idea! And going to people's homes is an excellent way to keep the start up costs down as well! Let me know when you come to Boston!!

    I'm so excited you're excited!

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  12. My fav is de foot massage.

    Well, this post just begs so many questions:
    Why just de female?
    What about us canines!?
    Do you have a separate massage website?
    Where in LA are you? How close are you to Pasadena?


  13. This sounds like a fabulous idea! I wish you nothing but luck - there's no reason why this shouldn't work, but I'm wishing luck anyway!

  14. Oh how I wished we lived in the same neighborhood...It's a divine idea.


  15. Great idea!
    I'm sure there will be plenty of business; especially of you go to their homes

    Good Luck.

  16. You can practice on me. No really, I don't mind AT ALL.

    Just so you work my tired taxi driving muscles.

  17. if you could only give massages via blogging.

  18. I hope it works out for you. I'd love something like that. Especially if you massaged my sore wrists, crippled up by what I think is carpal tunnel syndrome from years of typing. I should probably take a break from that typing, huh? :-) Can't while I'm at work though.

  19. Great idea!!!! I'm sure there's a need, and you would be able to use networking to market yourself.

  20. Don't be afraid. I left a very good position three years ago to become a freelance writer. I have never looked back. I love the freedom, being on my own schedule, working my butt off for myself, and being responsible for my own work. I have now as much work, and sometimes more, than I want and am making the same amount of $ as I did when I worked full-time. It takes a little time to build but I think your concept is a sound one. Go for it.


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