Friday, July 10, 2009

Up at 5am. Success! Writing?

The alarm rings. JCK is up. JCK makes herself tea in the quiet darkness. She looks out into the early morning, takes a breath and...

Enter GIRL stage left: Why is it SO dark outside?

JCK: It's 5:45am, sweetie. The sun isn't up quite yet.

It is to be noted that GIRL in her entire 4 years and 9 months has never risen this early. Ever. Did JCK say EVER? JCK meant EVER. JCK is not exaggerating. It is to be further noted that due to Murphy's Law, GIRL awakened on the first morning of JCK's fervent resolve to get up early. To have time for herself. And to write...

All was not lost. JCK cleared and sorted through the piles on her desk.

Up at 5am. Success! Writing? Not so much... But, JCK's desk is neat and organized. And...JCK did enjoy the quiet. For a precious few minutes.

Photo Note: JCK wishes she was at this sunrise. It's been two years since she's been on that beach. Florida. Gulf of Mexico.

JCK was up at 5am, truly because of peer pressure. Thanks to Bad Mom for putting the pedal to the medal and being her emailing I'M AWAKE, ARE YOU? pal in the early A.M. Peer pressure works.

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  1. Sigh...
    I applaud you for trying and I bet GIRL will be asleep the next morning when you rise early to drink tea and write.

  2. I'm sorry, is that an actual time?

  3. Hurrah for stage one completion. That's huge in my book. Stage two, in time. Girl waking up? She'll sleep right through once you get into the habit.

  4. Good for you! Keep doing it and eventually everyone will expect to find you working when they get up and they will learn to give you that time. My youngest daughter seemed to have Mommy radar and always knew when I was up early so I made rules for mommy's working time.. she could get up but she had to work quietly too... no tv or talking. She used to sit across from me at the table and work on her pattern blocks every morning. It was a wonderfully creative time for me.

    Now you've talked me into getting up early again too...

  5. Glad the writing is started. You did write, right? me, I was up at 6:30 but was farting around on political sites while alternately packing for our trip. Not so productive.

  6. i can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.

  7. Oh yeah, if I try to get up early, they're up too.
    Although I have to admit that Cheri's Laura pretty much nailed it. Getting up for school is misery compared to getting up for, say, a day at the pool.


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